Twitter outage: 16k Happy New Year tweets a SECOND lead to meltdown

Chris Hastings and Deryn Fisher

Last updated at 2:24 PM on 1st January 2012

Social network Twitter ground to a halt yesterday as it was overloaded with New Year messages. In Britain the site crashed at about 3pm and was out of action for more than an hour.

It coincided with midnight celebrations in Japan when revellers were sending a record 16,197 tweets per second.

The overload meant no one could post new messages or read existing ones. Instead, frustrated users were greeted with the error message: ‘Twitter is over capacity.’

The site returned to working order but then stopped on several other occasions, prompting speculation that it was being hit by the arrival of New Year in different parts of the world.

Out with a bang: Fireworks welcomed in the new year, but Tweeters were silenced because of the crashed website

Out with a bang: Fireworks welcomed in the new year, but Tweeters were silenced because of the crashed website

All a Twitter: Users were devastated that the network crashed

All a Twitter: Users were devastated that the network crashed

One user tweeted: ‘It’s amazing how three words can ruin my day! Twitter over capacity.’

Another joked: ‘Twitter’s New Year resolution needs to be I will never go over capacity.’

meltdown happened as the world welcomed in 2012, a year of historic
importance for Britain, with the Olympics, the Paralympics and the
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee set to be defining moments.

to 250,000 people poured into Central London, some in Trafalgar Square
and others watching the pyrotechnics centred on the London Eye.

A total of 12,000 fireworks were primed to explode in an 11-minute spectacular as Big Ben struck midnight.

There were 3,000 police officers on
duty in London, while London Ambulance Service expected a huge surge in
999 calls and set up 14 ‘treatment centres’ for revellers.

‘booze buses’ were also deployed for people suffering alcohol-related
illnesses or injuries so ambulances were freed up for patients needing
more serious treatment.

Large crowds also gathered in Edinburgh for the famous Hogmanay street party, while Cardiff’s annual Calennig celebrations also featured a firework display at midnight.

However, fireworks planned for Manchester city centre were cancelled after the event failed to find a sponsor. And in Weymouth, Dorset, about 20,000 revellers gathered for the New Year’s Eve fancy dress party, which has been running for the past 20 years.

Earlier, in Sydney, more than a million people gathered at vantage points along the harbour to watch the spectacular pyrotechnics display, which again featured the arch of the bridge as its focal point.

The first places to celebrate were the South Pacific islands of Samoa and Tokelau. They are usually the last, but they jumped across the international dateline – missing out on December 30 entirely.

Bad weather forced New Zealand to cancel several outdoor events, but a low-key fireworks display went ahead at Auckland’s Sky Tower. Heavy rain meant celebrations on Wellington’s waterfront were called off.

‘We hate having to cancel events but especially for something like New Year’s Eve,’ said Wellington’s events manager Lauren Fantham.

In Tokyo, people released helium balloons in front of the Tokyo Tower at midnight with notes attached listing their hopes for 2012.

Many wished for a better year, following the earthquake and tsunami of 2011. ‘I hope it will be a year full of smiles.

For those who are crying now, I hope they’ll be smiling too,’ said 21-year-old Horie Soichiro.

In a downbeat message, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said 2012 would be more difficult than 2011, but hoped Europe’s debt crisis would bring its member states closer.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said he hoped the new year would continue the move towards democracy that protesters had started during the Arab Spring.

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s greetings came mixed with sarcasm toward those protesting that his election back to the presidency had been fixed.

He wished prosperity ‘to all our citizens regardless of their political persuasion, including those who sympathise with leftist force’.

At his traditional New Year’s Eve service, the Pope said: ‘We await a New Year with the trepidation, desires and expectations of always.’

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I sent texts to my family across the country to wish them a happy new year. Thought if I texted around 11.30pm, they would get there okay. So far, at 10.30am New Year’s Day, not one of the texts has arrived, neither has any of my family’s texts, who texted me from 10.30pm last night to wish me a happy new year too. Texts I’ve sent this morning, or have been sent to me since around 10am have arrived okay, but no sign of last nights anywhere. Does this mean we can all apply to the mobile phone companies to get back the money we’ve spent on these texts?


great news

I agree time to shut them down sad people use them and they r a big problem in today’s world

what’s twitter I don’t get the point in telling everyone your business especially with snoops snooping on benefit claiments.

If there is one thing that is completely useless it is twitter. Now that it crashed I hope people can actually raise their heads out of their asses and stop looking down at a hand held electrolnic gadget waiting for news of something more important to hit their little lives. Its amazing how many peoiple forget that there is such a thing as having a real life and stop playing in the virtual world all the time.

Quote: One user tweeted: ‘It’s amazing how three words can ruin my day!’ …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………If your day is ruined because you can’t tweet then you seriously have a problem. You have a life outside of Twitter – now go find it!

Twitter – for twits. That is all that is worth saying really.

My heart bleeds!!

Great. Brilliant news. Time all these rubbish sites were taken off the air anyway. Only sad people use them.

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