U.K. Bans ‘The Base’ — A Fake ‘Terror’ Group Created By FBI-CIA To Entrap White Supremacists

The U.K. Home Secretary announced that “The Base” — a fake white supremacist group created by the FBI/CIA to infiltrate and encourage unwitting members into acts of violence– has been officially banned:

The Base became on Friday the UK’s fifth outlawed extreme right-wing group after MPs approved a proscription order earlier this week. Membership of or support for a proscribed group is punishable by up to 14 years behind bars under anti-terrorism legislation.

Home Office minister Chris Philp told MPs during a debate on Tuesday that the Base “almost certainly prepares for terrorism….We believe that the training that it provides is highly likely to be paramilitary in nature and is possibly preparatory for offensive action,” he said.

The mainly US-based group formed in 2018 has promoted using violence to establish a white ethno-state, the Home Office said Monday. Some of its aims and ideologies have been compared to the proscribed group Atomwaffen Division and its alias National Socialist Order – both banned earlier this year.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said she was committed to making it “as difficult as possible for these organisations to operate in the UK. “We continue to take robust action against evil white supremacist groups, who target vulnerable people across the world to join in their hateful ideologies and their sick promotion of violence,” she said.

Nick Lowles, chief executive officer at the anti-racism charity HOPE not Hate, welcomed the ban, saying the Base was “a dangerous group of violent Nazis” influential around the world. “Proscription is welcome if it is now used by the police to close down networks and individuals in this country who have engaged with The Base.

“The group has re-emerged recently to recruit internationally again and therefore it is vital to crack down swiftly on their networks,” he said. But Mr Lowles also called for similar action against the UK-based far right group, the Order of Nine Angles.

“While this ban is a positive development, it remains bewildering that the government has not moved to proscribe the more dangerous, more active, group the Order of Nine Angles….Our view remains that it is time for the government to start using their powers to proscribe violent groups that are actually active in this country at the time of being banned,” he said.

The Base just so happens to share the same name as Al Qaeda, which means “the Base” in arabic — and since Al Qaeda, just like ISIS, was created by the Mossad, it should be obvious who is really behind “The Base.”

The Anti-Defamation League has repeated warned of an “international White supremacist” terror network — a talking point also parroted by the Department of Homeland Security — and given their close relationship with the FBI and Mossad, there can be little doubt that they “The Base” to play that role.

One has to ask, however, why a “white supremacist” group like The Base would allow an obvious Arab living in Wisconsin to be a member?

The Base apparently convinces its unstable social misfits that spray painting swastikas on Jewish synagogues will magically help create a white ethno-state in America.

Sounds like a really sophisticated organization that attracts the best and the brightest.

And as they are outlawing The Base, they make sure to warn the public of their next MI5-infiltrated terror concoction — The Order of Nine Angles — sounds scary, eh?

Not only is The Order of Nine Angles yet another dangerous “white supremacist” group — they claim this group of “satanists” — not the elite, like Prince Charles and his buddy Jimmy Savile — is operating a vast network of pedophiles in the U.K.

How convenient.

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