U.K. Jews Can Rest Easy After Teen ‘Neo-Nazi’ Satanic Terror Bomber Sentenced To Early Curfew And Ankle Monitoring

Jews in the U.K. were able to finally breathe a collective sigh of relief after a 17-year-old boy from the west of England — arrested in 2019 for offenses including downloading instructional materials on violence and explosives making — was sentenced to house arrest restrictions for “terrorism” offenses last week, Gloucestershire police said:

Extreme right-wing ideological documents were recovered during the investigation of the boy, including images of him making Nazi salutes and documents detailing Satanic Neo-Nazi practices. Nazi symbols were also found carved into the surface of his desk according to police. They also found manuals detailing how to make explosives, poisons and other deadly weapons.

Police also recovered memes idolizing mass killers and extremist information on the predicted collapse of society and a predicted race war.

The sentencing at Bristol Youth Court followed the boy’s guilty plea to 11 counts of collecting material of use to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000. The boy was sentenced to 12 months of referral, meaning he faces a number of restrictions, will take part in a rehabilitation program and will be monitored.

Whilst there was no risk to the county, individuals such as this who promote dangerous extremist views and content have no place in our society,” said Head of Counter Terrorism Policing South West, Detective Superintendent Craig McWhinnie. “The entrenched views and hatred displayed by this young person combined with their consumption of violent and disturbing literature remain deeply concerning.

“This investigation is another stark reminder of the hateful and damaging material found online that for all of us, is only a few clicks away. This material creates a very real risk to the young and vulnerable in our communities, in our schools and indeed, in our own homes. This is especially true over the course of the pandemic where young people spend more time online, often alone and unsupervised.”

This teenage is treated like a potential “terrorist” yet there is “no risk” to the country — now that he has an ankle bracelet monitoring device and a strict curfew.

While other teens and young men — charged with similar offenses — are languishing in U.K. prisons for years for the same thought crimes — this teenage would-be “neo-nazi terror bomber” gets a slap on the wrist — and is forced to attend “rehabilitation” — that is, “denazification” counseling.

One might think that with all these arrests of “extremist” teenagers that the U.K. is a “hotbed” of “Hitler Youth” activity — and that a “satanic” Nazi uprising could be imminent.

Apparently U.K. Jews were so traumatized by Oswald Mosley and photos of a young Queen-to-be Elizabeth doing the Nazi salute with her friends that a special “anti-terror” force was assembled to rout out any sniff of “hitlerism” in Merry Olde England.

But then again, Jews in Britain did experience their own “Kristalnacht” in 1947 — after the Jewish terror group, the Stern Gang, murdered three British soldiers in Palestine, Jewish businesses and synagogues in Britain were attacked in retaliation.

Oddly enough, Jews in Britain are still getting attacked 75 years later whenever Israel commits yet another atrocity against the Palestinians — and Jews still refuse to see the cause and effect relationship between the two.

Of course, the U.K. authorities will never ask the “verbotten” question — what is going on in the U.K. — and Israel — that is causing these young people to be attracted to “right wing extremism”?

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