U.K. Man Arrested For Expressing Support For Hamas At Public Protest In London

A U.K. man has been arrested — and two others questioned — at a London university after a flyer featuring an Israeli flag with a swastika substituted for the “Star of David” was found posted around campus:

Surrey Police questioned a 24-year-old man from Englefield Green in connection with the flag and the investigation continues.

In a separate incident earlier this week, police also arrested a 21-year-old man from Egham and a 19-year-old woman from Englefield Green on suspicion of hate crimes relating to antisemitism. They have both been released on bail.

Police said one was suspected of having expressed support for Hamas at a protest and another alleged to have posted inflammatory material online.

“The arrests relate to reports of hate crime at Royal Holloway University. We are working closely with the university as our investigation progresses,” said a Surrey Police spokeswoman.

Jewish students are urging the university to ‘take a stand’ after a spate of antisemitic incidents.

Others have received online abuse, including the statement “I wish someone else would come and burn you like Hitler.”

Jon Howden-Evans, Director of Student and Academic Services at Royal Holloway, University of London, said:  “We witnessed unacceptable behaviour on our campus and online last weekend which we reported to the Police who have now taken action. We are also following our own disciplinary procedures and will not hesitate to use the full range of sanctions available to us.”

After aiding and abetting the flooding of Europe with anti-Zionist Muslims for the sole purpose of breaking up the cohesion of White Christian nations — Jews are now clutching their collective pearls when their Muslim “golems” turn on them as Israel slaughters women and children in Gaza.

Jews are shocked that every time Israel brutalizes the Palestinians — while cynically invoking their right to defend themselves — the world becomes enraged at Israel — and at the Jews who blindly support the genocide.

They are literally stupefied that the world just isn’t buying their tired and laughable “self-defense” canard — and no matter how their media outlets spin the ongoing ethnic cleansing, they will never convince the world that Israel is anything more than a U.S.-financed fortress of Jewish supremacists who have the entire world in their cross hairs.

Israel would be far more tolerable if they would drop the pretense that they are the “only democracy” and “stabilizing force” in the Middle East — and just admit what they want — all Palestinian territory for themselves — they consider all of it “eretz Israel.”

As far back as 1947, the C.I.A. was aware that the Zionist Jews intended to take all of Palestine for themselves — and any peace agreements were cynical public relations ploys .

Despite their recent obsessive efforts to conflate antisemitism with criticizing the Israeli genocide, no one is buying it — the idea that neither Jews nor their rogue state Israel can be criticized is simply intolerable — and the more they attempt to force this absurdity down people’s throats, the more of an “antisemitic” backlash Jews worldwide will experience.

It’s not rocket science — Newton’s Third Law is instructive here: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Apparently, Jews would like to believe they are exempt from such laws — and the Talmud is their vain attempt to do just that.

And as long as Jews insist that they’ve done nothing wrong — they will always be subjected to this “equal and opposite reaction” — popularly known as “antisemitism.”

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