U.S. Air Force Base Says Drag Queen Show Was “Essential For Morale’

A teacher in the UK is under investigation and faces possible termination after he used the n-word in class to remind students to be careful when pronouncing the name of the African country Niger.

“David Collins, a geography teacher at Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham, south London, told pupils how to correctly pronounce the name of the west African country. He said that it should not be confused with the offensive racist word, which he said in front of the class,” reports the London Times.

Collins said that Niger is pronounced “nee-zher,” to roughly rhyme with Pierre, while also using the n-word to differentiate the two.

One of the pupils immediately had a hissy fit and walked out of the class, before other students, who are aged 13-14, were subsequently given complaint forms to fill out in order to build up outrage directed towards the teacher.

Despite the teacher, who had a good reputation, profusely apologizing, pupils, parents and other teaches complained with complete ignorance of the context in which the n-word was uttered.

The head teacher subsequently claimed that “there was no reason for the term being used,” despite the fact that there was a perfectly valid reason for it being used.

“What he said clearly wasn’t meant in an offensive way or used in an offensive way or context. He was just trying to ensure nobody made a mistake that could be offensive,” one source told The Mail.

The school responded to the issue by immediately launching a full on groveling apology campaign and insisting that it dutifully indoctrinates students with “diversity” narratives.

“As part of our commitment to British values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, each half term sees a focus on a key issue relating to diversity: gender, LGBTI, immigration, race, different needs (including mental health and being differently abled) and religion,” states the school’s website.

School authorities also sent a letter to parents making it clear that the curriculum had been “decolonised,” meaning British history is being taught as something to be ashamed of.

“We understand that racism is systemic and that, like all institutions, we are far from immune to it,” said the letter, furthering the myth that “systemic racism” exists in any other form that the only actual form left, which is systemic discrimination against white people.

Meanwhile, LGBT lobby group Stonewall is now insisting that teachers in UK schools avoid using the words “boy” and “girl” and instead refer to students as “learners”.

The next generation of adults is shaping up to be a collection of bed-wetting imbeciles who hate themselves, hate their own country and think that “offensive” words are one of society’s biggest problems.


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