U.S. hypersonic Spy Plane glider launched, contact lost

USA Today
August 11, 2011

DARPA hypersonic glider Space.com

LOS ANGELES — The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency says contact with its experimental hypersonic glider was lost after launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base on the central California coast.

The agency says in Twitter postings that its unmanned Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle-2 was launched Thursday atop a rocket, successfully separated from the booster and entered the mission’s glide phase.

The agency says telemetry was subsequently lost, but released no details..

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80 Responses to “U.S. hypersonic glider launched, contact lost”

  1. Ah, yes, the ole Pumpkin Seed.. I really wonder where the Rand Corporation got the information from to build that sucker and the rest of the military fleet?? Hmmm? Yes, they have Human scientists work on it but, they did not do so without help… ooo… scary.. verryyyy scary… Could they be working with say… Beings from outside the Earth? Oh, well. The bloodlust with these things. The power elite cabal must be tickled pink..
    Oh, and I nearly forgot the genetic engineering too! But, A. J. would not touch the stuff above. As he can not prove it. And it is right in his face. I’m glad he can dance around it. Have fun!

  2. Blame the tea party — they must have shoot it down.

  3. Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 was meant to test new technologies that could give the Pentagon the capability to deliver non-nuclear military strikes anywhere on the globe in less than an hour under a program called “Prompt Global Strike”.

  4. HANS GRUBER, no one can defeat the Creator of life and consiousness?How do you defeat the only One who can create life out of nothing? All substance has His plan written in it? Satan is insane ,the Bible tells us his followers have a deprived mind ,meaning it doesnt work.Jesus is Lord He love you and doesny want any of us to die.

  5. Haha our government and all thier alphabet soup groups can’t manage to follow through with anything, they lose guns the second the important part of the mission starts, the second the glider gets released they lose that, I weiner if they will be able to follow through with the destruction of this country.

  6. Good news is that they found it wedged in the ass end of some wmd’s. Bad news is nobody else will be able to find it.

  7. DOD / DARPA / NASA / ? to Congress.

    :”Wah!!!!, I lost my glider! Buy me another one. Now!

    Now, now sonny boy. I get a special tax on the people so you can another one.

    This time I want a new model. One of those triangle ones. Not an ancient WWII historical model.

  8. All this says to me is that all went well. Does the Pentagoon actually think other governments actually believe this was a failure? Funny propaganda. †

  9. Maybe it it never really existed….and all the funding for it….went into the pockets of Lockheed Martin…and “Black Ops” for DARPA.

    So far, they have “built” two…AND LOST ONE!

  10. I hope it ends up slamming into the white house. Or the home of the idiot sell out war mongering turd that launched it, or made the first sketch.

    • I hope it ends up slamming right into the FEAR MONGERING turd Alex jones radio towers so no one has to listen to his bs for at least a day or two.

      • youre a tool gr1095

  11. …and yet we put a Man on the Moon in 1969?
    …….Oh wait, that was FAKED !
    (Our Government would do anything like THAT now would they?)

    (www.MoonMovie.com) anyone?…anyone?…Bueller?…Bueller?….

  12. why dont they copy cat star trek tv show. instead of countrys fighting each other, divide the universe into countrys and each planet belongs to a country

  13. So I guess the BRAMOS hypersonic steerable cruise missile is the only one around! Russia and India have beaten the pants off the Anglo American new world order Technocrats!

  14. DARPA issues statement on failed flight of hypersonic aircraft
    August 11, 2011 | 4:31 pm

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency released a statement on today’s flight of the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2.

    According to the statement, DARPA, as the agency is known, said that everything was going to plan up until the glide phase, which occurred about nine minutes into flight.

    As we reported earlier: The Falcon launched at 7:45 a.m. from Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Santa Barbara, into the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere aboard an eight-story Minotaur IV rocket, made by Orbital Sciences Corp.

    After reaching an undisclosed sub-orbital altitude, the aircraft jettisoned from its protective cover atop the rocket, then nose-dived back toward Earth, leveled out and began to glide above the Pacific at 20 times the speed of sound, or Mach 20.

    Then the trouble began.



    Flight Of The Navigator

    Uploaded by buggssyy2 on Aug 25, 2006

    Trailer for the classic 80′s movie Flight of the navigator, This movie is 20 years old this year, hope this brings back great memories!



    Flight of the Navigator – I Get Around

    Uploaded by scrawnywonder on Feb 12, 2009

    I LOVED this movie as a kid.

    Song is “I Get Around” by the Beach Boys


    Beach Boys
    Flight of the Navigator
    Sarah Jessica Parker


    Standard YouTube License
    Leonard Melton


    * = p

    • Flight Of The Navigator – Full Movie

      Uploaded by filmalvarovitali on May 15, 2011

      Flight of The Navigator is a 1986 Disney science fiction film directed by Randal Kleiser and written by Mark H. Baker and Michael Burton, about a 12-year-old boy named David who is abducted by an alien space craft and finds himself caught in a world which has changed around him. It was partially shot in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


      * = p

    • Ha! I JUST WATCHED THAT MOVIE AGAIN TWO DAYS AGO! Couldn’t help but think of it as another propaganda film making NASA look like a bunch of bumblers and the technology out of reach. Dig the eighties music though. YOU ARE… THE NAVIGATOR!

      • Do you think a kid who grew up in the 80′s could possibly be the navigator? How about “The Never Ending Story.” Do you think he exists. I wonder if he grew up to be just like Thor. It would be a terrible mind to waste for America.

        You should watch “The making of … And God Spoke” to figure out what could go wrong if they tried recreating the god experience in this world. It was made in 1993 with Andy Dick. If you want to get a good laugh and realize the world is actually doing this right now, you will understand why this world has always been so fucked up.

  15. Duh! Now you see it now you don’t, duh!

  16. It’s probably in Obama’s colon…

  17. The technology they let us know about is old hat,yesterdays papers. UFO. disclosure immenant,the lie of the demon Anunnaki ( NEPHILIM)returning after all these thousands of years? We will wake up one morning soon and they will be thick in our skys,just like in the days of Noah,in the times of the Sumarian,like in the days of Enoch.They are the ones who really rule the school and tell there little human marianettes what to do.Anunnaki/Anakim/Nephilim=the cult of freemasonry,the Raelian cult and there demon Maitraya,the mothe of all lies is coming ,it will come to pass. Jesusw Christ is Lord, nibirupedia.com

    • Randy,
      What would you say if Diana “the queen witch” brought your god or your Jesus to his knee’s? Think of Diana from V as the modern day version of Diana from Roman mythology?

  18. Now we know why they dropped the Space Shuttle program, they needed this imperialistic terrasonic subspace craft to dominate the world military.

  19. What a waste of money. Who’s paying the tab for the gasoline?

  20. it’s still around, passing sullenly through the astral plane…my God…it’s full of stars…

  21. It’s probably parked in Siberia somewhere. Putin checking it out, kicking the tires.

  22. Alex Jones went into a rant and scared it away…

    • LOL!

    • LOL! OMG, I think you’ve started a new line of Chuck Norris style jokes! -They made Alex Jones toilet paper but it wouldn’t take shit from anybody. XD

  23. Gee, that’s an awful shame.

    Not sure how it affects me, though. Yet another article that seems to have migrated over from that overnight flying saucer radio program.

  24. I kinda wonder in an economic meltdown “where did they get the money to waste on this stupid event, besides what is a suite going to cost to go to the champagne breaking ceremony when the government remembers it lied to the taxpayers again. Want to know where your money goes, Keep an eye on the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, BANKERS, AND OUR GOVERNMENT WASTE CONTROLLED BY NAZIS IN POWER.

    • “You don’t actually think they spend $20,000 on a hammer, $30,000 on a toilet seat, do you?”

      —Independence Day

  25. I hope the fucker crashes into the White House.

  26. Totally lost warp core containment, these things happen…

  27. Rick Perry will get it back! He can do no evil and he is the supreme candidate! Dont believe me? Just follow mainstream media, they will tell you how great he is. (Just ignore his record)

    BTW Beware of android phones. Use Bluetooths. They have been giving me and my wife headaches. Plus they have Google exclusives that aren’t available to other smart phones (heard that on 570 am this morning around 5:50 am Dallas) and the other smart phone companies are complaining.

  28. I don’t believe it was ‘lost’ at all.

    • Maybe it was pre-booked for use at that desert site where Hollywood faked the moon landings.

  29. I don’t think so..

    • The coat hanger they used for an aerial fell off,

      • Someone forgot to duct tape it on!

  30. Okay you’ll have to use your imagination while I’m being MODERATED . N A S A – Never Amounted to
    S ( poo poo ) Anyway


  32. So now we know what all the mysterious loud noises in SoCal with rattling windows that the Military swore was not sonic booms back in spring of ’10 was…Sonic booms.

  33. D A R P A – Dammit Another Ridiculous Project Annihilated

  34. Lost contact my @SS. Total attempt to make us think it was a failure

  35. Yah right, they “lost” it. Perhaps it was intentional because it’s a secret space weapon or somthing like that. They make us think that it has ceased to function, but i bet they did that to take everyones eyes and minds off of it.

  36. “My dog ate it…”

  37. I want one!

    • I was thinking the same thing. Flying a glider would be fun, but flying a supersonic glider would be a blast.

  38. Helecopter Ben says don’t worry he’ll just print some more.

  39. Maybe Joe Biden can blame the loss of the hyper-sonic glider on the Tea Party as well.

    • No it was George bush

  40. This is the meteorite weapon.
    Explosive charge wrapped in Carboneceos Chondrite to endurehe heat. The ultimate bunker buster.

    • let us hope it crashes into the Denver International Airport.

      • Better into the WHITE HOUSE.

        • Amen, “Just in case one hasn’t noticed its not the White House anymore, thank god, its the grey house that houses the Grey Horse and his rider.

      • Indeed, that Denver airport is just plain spooky

  41. this is low orbit release technology that they plan on using on the moon and mars.it enables
    the main craft to never have to touch land.thereby making trips to planetary bodies faster.

    • If two astronauts attempt a trip away from the Space station circling earth one of them is sure to die after a return trip to Mars!

      Reason: Radiation will kill him because there is no protection in outer space!

      They’ve tried but failed to adequately insulate space ships cannot do it!

      Man does not belong in Space! There’s nothing out there but dust Rocks that can be reached idiotic earth bound scientists plus death!

      • You realy think they would tells us if they could,most tech won’t ever come out because they say it will blow our minds and cause riots and such but I say it’s so they can continue to do whatever it is that they are doing(weapons). And here is how they can block the radaiton, all that is needed is a magnetic field,lead and hydrogen these three would block and absorb all types and I’m not a rocket scientist so they can easily get it right with there big smart heads.

        • radiation* sry was typing to fast for myself lol.

        • their*lol

        • Magnetic fields are radiation as well! There is no way to insulate a space ship at present! Check it out on Google!

      • accually i belive that space exploration is important to our understanding of the universe and science

        do i think it should be more important than fixing the economy?…no
        do i think its more important than getting all of the special intrests and corrupt congressmen out?….no

        but as far as it goes i do think it is important to understand everything we possibly can about the place in which we live (ie. the solar system and the immediate area of our galaxy)

        • Some of us believe that BEFORE we try to better “understand the
          universe science” our curious spendthrift *sses should oughta
          start investing some of those $TRILLIONS spent on the militarization

        • Absolutely right! marks!

  42. SPECTRE used one of out ‘decommissioned’ ahuttles to hi-jack it…….Where’s 007 when you need him?

  43. how much damage could a air craft do if it hit land or ocean at 13000 mph just makes me wonder .
    war? what is it good for…..follow the leaders, they will care for you.

    • Unless the aircraft is made of some material we’re not familiar with yet,
      even if it was made of titanium at 13,000 mph if it so much as brushed
      a high altitude horse-turd it would disintegrate into a million pieces.

  44. TERRORISTS!!!!!

  45. No worries, reports just came in that it safely showed up back in Nov. 5th, 1955. Marty McFly FedEX’d me a letter today.

    • I got a letter from Marty also….
      Says the flux capacitor is out of service.

      • Perhaps its “Flux Capacitor” morphed into a

        “CLUSTER F*CK”.

    • Best comment so far…thumbs up…

  46. the aliens took it back!!!!!!!

    • don’t be an idiot. It was cave-dwelling Muslim extremists with box-cutters!

      • LOL!
        Damn hijackers!

  47. China took over the controls.

  48. Maybe they lost warp core containment.

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