U.S. Knew Within Days that Fukushima Had Melted Down

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Washington’s Blog
Aug 18, 2011

noted in May that that International Atomic Energy Agency knew within weeks of the Japanese earthquake that the reactors had melted down … but the public was not told for a month and a half.

pointed out in June:

As the prestigious scientific journal Nature notes:

Shortly after a massive tsunami struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on 11 March, an unmanned monitoring station on the outskirts of Takasaki, Japan, logged a rise in radiation levels. Within 72 hours, scientists had analysed samples taken from the air and transmitted their analysis to Vienna, Austria — the headquarters of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), an international body set up to monitor nuclear weapons tests.

It was just the start of a flood of data collected about the accident by the CTBTO’s global network of 63 radiation monitoring stations. In the following weeks, the data were shared with governments around the world, but not with academics or the public.

The attempted cover up of the severity of the Fukushima disaster is nothing new. Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for 50 years, and the basic design for nuclear reactors was not chosen for safety, but because it worked on Navy submarines … and produced plutonium for the military.

(Indeed, the government’s response to every crisis appears to be to try to cover it up; and see this.)

Today, Yomiuri Shinbun reports (Google translation) that the U.S. knew within days that Fukushima had melted down:

The subject of evacuating the US citizens was raised in the early hours on March 16 (local time). The US … already knew about the unusually high temperature of the reactors from the Global Hawk data, and determined that “the fuel has already melted”.


The US high-ranking officials wanted to evacuate the US citizens [Tokyo] but the local officials including Maher objected, as “it would severely undermine the US-Japan alliance”

(The Global Hawk is an unmanned aerial aircraft).


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8 Responses to “U.S. Knew Within Days that Fukushima Had Melted Down”

  1. An ALL TIME HIGH of radiation in CANADA was reported on August 14

    Have a look, over 20000CPM


    … and the cover ups are still going on.

  2. We have some very sophisticated radiation detecting spy satellites, we would have known within minutes if a plant anywhere was melting down. It’s almost certain we knew the plants were melting down before TEPCO did.

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    HIGH BRASS Reply:
    August 18th, 2011 at 5:40 am

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    Scarlett Sometimes Reply:
    August 18th, 2011 at 6:50 am


  4. I have a big problem in convincing a group of very talented people of a community i’ve been part of for many years that nuclear energy is bad, they refuse to believe Chernobyl killed a million plus, they believe death tolls from radiation has decreased, thinking nuclear energy is (relatively) safe and that radiation from Fukushima doesn’t reach the USA and Canada – Because the EPA and WHO don’t say so.

    I -really- need something that I can convince them with, articles from the government -themselves-, not claims and reports – I need self-incriminating evidence, enough damning evidence to finally wake them up to what’s going on. Can anyone link such evidence about this? It could wake up many intelligent people. Thanks in advance!

    AandO Reply:
    August 18th, 2011 at 8:42 am

    I would believe that the internet is your best friend here. Try searching via your favorite search engine or try google.

  5. this is crimes against nature and humanity.

    IF, theyed immediately scrambled an international effort to bury the powerplants in sand and lead it would have deprived those spent fuel rods of oxygen and they would have burned much slower or not at all. it would have stopped the stuff from spewing into the atmosphere and drastically slowed the contamination of the surrounding Earth..

    but noo, they dicked around looking to salvage equipment thats gonna be too damned hot for anyone to ever operate, told everyone they had it under control.. and bungholio took marching orders from the United NAZIons to go spill depleted uranium allover Libya instead. they even panicked when they ran out of depleted uranium munitions there and begged for more.

    the really sick part, they’ll drill all day-week-month-year for OIL, but they wont do the same thing for geothermal HEAT to make the steam to spin the turbines and generate electricity. I dont doubt it’d be cheaper to drill some holes than it is to build a nuclear reactor, EINSTEIN even said it about the nuclear reactors.. “thats a hell of a way to boil water”. damn, do people think he was an idiot?

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