UK: Health Deficit £1.6bn, Foreign Aid £12bn

The hatred which all Britain’s establishment parties have for their own people has been demonstrated once again with the news that the UK’s healthcare system (the National Health Service, NHS) is facing its “worst deficit ever” of £1.6 billion—while that country’s foreign aid budget has risen to £12 billion per year.


According to official figures published by the Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority, the health services ended the second quarter of the financial year with a deficit of £1.6 billion. This was £358 million worse than planned at the beginning of the year.

Based on current performance, the NHS’s English trusts are predicting they will end the year £2.2bn in deficit, with 156 out of 239 of them recording deficits, the Monitor said.

“In particular, delayed transfers of care—where medically fit patients cannot leave hospital because the care they need is not yet in place—are having a negative impact on NHS organizations meeting other standards, especially in A&E [accident and emergency], while spending on agency staff is continuing to have an extremely detrimental effect on their financial position,” they said.

In other words, healthcare in Britain is in a serious crisis due to underfunding from central government—or, to be more straightforward, from the taxes raised by the government from the working public.


Meanwhile, the UK foreign aid budget has nearly reached £12 billion—six times the NHS deficit. According to the official figures contained in reports on the Department for International Development’s (DFID) official website, the amount of taxpayers’ money being handed out to the Third World increased by 3 percent, from £11.4 billion in 2013 to £11.7 billion in 2014.

In 2014, Africa received the largest percentage of DFID country-specific bilateral ODA expenditure which could be assigned to a single region (60.1 percent), equating to £2.4 billion—more than the NHS deficit alone.

The countries that received the most bilateral aid—money that goes from the UK taxpayers to a single nation—in 2013 were Pakistan (£338m), Ethiopia (£329m), and Bangladesh (£272m).


Pakistan has a military budget of £4.5 billion, while Bangladesh has a military budget of £2.6 billion—figures which mean that any sort of “foreign aid” to those nations is totally superfluous.

Even India, which has a larger fleet than the Royal Navy, and which has nuclear submarines, atom bombs, and a space program, still gets UK taxpayer money in foreign aid.

In fact, UK taxpayers give a total of £1.7 billion in “foreign aid” to Asia.

To add insult to injury, Pakistan is the second largest country of origin for “asylum seekers” seeking to enter the UK, while Bangladesh is the tenth largest.

Incredibly, UK taxpayers even give “foreign aid” to Turkey (£3.9 million) and the Ukraine (£2.9 million).

This insane policy of putting British people last in every single instance is the confirmed policy of all of the “main” parties in Britain—and is a powerful indication of the state of mind of all the “democratic” parties currently in power in western Europe. They would rather deprive their own people of services in order to help the Third World.

There is another word for this, now not often used, but perfectly adequate to describe such behavior: treason.

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