UK Police to Media: Handover Your Riot Footage

Sept 1, 2011

Top media outlets in the UK are resisting calls from London’s Metropolitan Police to hand over footage and photos of August’s riots. Police say the images could help them identify criminals, and vow to get them through court action if the broadcasters and newspapers don’t comply…

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5 Responses to “UK Police to Media: Handover Your Riot Footage”

  1. OK, this is just a step. Because in order to win, we must evolve with the times and circumstances. So, now that we see what the police state will do after protests, trying to prosecute randoms who they happen to catch. NEW TACTICS: Cover your fAce, bring some type of recording device, plastic handcuffs, and a couple defense tools such as a sharp object, because if a thug cop tried to unleash a K-9 on me, it would not survive, lets just say that.
    It’s ridiculous to see protesters running from the cops, but it also indicates that the protests werent about fighting the NWO, it WAS just a bunch of hoodlums causing chaos. But the goverfnment has taken the oppurtunity to showcase what the concequences are, for patriot minded citizens out there. Next time, you fucking charge those thugs and the rest will follow you. Don’t turn away, charge forward.

  2. The footage likely has some incriminating evidence against the police.

  3. They could just do what the government does in such situations…say they lost it or destroyed it.

    • On second thought, that would be dishonest, so it would be wrong.

  4. So if the media can be punished for withholding videos are the police going to go after the citizens who taped it as well and punish them if they don’t hand over footage on their iphone?

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