UK says People Can’t Meet Indoors Because the Vaccine is Ineffective and Basically USELESS

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Clarifying the rules on indoor mixing on Friday (2 April), [Prime Minister Boris Johnson] said: “You can meet up as two households or six people outside. Outside is much safer than indoors as far as spreading the virus goes.

“Can I now meet my friends and family members indoors if they are vaccinated?

“There I’m afraid the answer is no, because we’re not yet at that stage, we’re still very much in the world where you can meet friends and family outdoors under the rule of six or two households and even though your friends and family members may be vaccinated, the vaccines are not giving 100 per cent protection and that’s why we just need to be cautious.

“We don’t think they entirely reduce or remove the risk of transmission.”

Again they are being fixated and obsessed with transmission. They are again acting as if this is airborne AIDS when it isn’t. So what if you get it? You get it, you die? Or does it taint you forever? Ohhh you got it, even though you cured and survived it, ohhh its like you have been raped. You will have to live for the rest of your life with the idea that you got it!!!! Ohh you had Corona, tag you’re it! This is so dumb and childish.

Does it have a 100% death rate? Even without any hospital treatment whatsoever and just treating yourself alone at home with natural remedies, it still does not have a 100% death rate.

The actual death rate is of only about 0.4% and out of that 0.4%, 35% are elderly with commodities such as cancer and the rest are random ages also with comorbidities or random people with no commodities but other weaknesess such as a weak immune system.

Basically it is NOTHING and of course they know it but this is all they got “ohhhhh watch out be scared and live your life in fear of not getting it” but getting it means nothing unless you are 80-90 years old with cancer… but they are not creating this paranoia only for the old, they want EVERYONE to be paranoid, that’s why schools are closed even though kids are almost 100% immune.

Kids can even die from the regular influenza flu yet they don’t die of covid, yet covid is somehow so terrible everything needs to be shut down, mass paranoia instigated by the media and so on. Makes perfect sense when you live in a utopian clown world.


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