UN Sponsored Evacuation of Insurgents from Damascus to Raqqa Delayed

nsnbc : The UN brokered evacuation of about 2,000 Jihadi insurgents from the Syrian capital Damascus to Raqqa, the de facto capital of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, has been delayed after an air strike of the Syrian Air Force took out the commander of Jays al-Islam, Zahran Alloush. On August 21, 2013, Alloush, in his function as supreme commander of Liwa-al-Islam, gave to order to launch the chemical weapons attack on the East Ghouta suburb of Damascus.

Jobar_Damascus_Dec 2015The UN brokered evacuation would have allowed some 2,000 insurgents of the Al-Qaeda / Jabhat al-Nusrah affiliate Jaysh al-Islam to be evacuated to Raqqa.

The UN had arranged coaches and escorts for the about 2,000 fighters who would have been granted free passage under UN cover to Raqqa. The evacuation would have been a de facto tactical retreat from the Jobar district of Damascus and a re-enforcement of the predominantly Saudi Arabia – backed Islamic State (ISIL / ISIS / Daesh).

The UN brokered evacuation plans underpin that Jaysh al-Islam, Jabhat al-Nusrah and ISIL are, one de facto mercenary army, despite the fact that there are superficial differences and rivalries. Zahran Alloush became the leader of Jaysh al-Islam when the organization was formed as an alliance of several like-minded insurgencies in the Damascus province.

Liwa_al-Islam Commander and Chemical Waeapon Expert Zahran Alloush has been working for Saudi Intelligence since the 1980s

Liwa_al-Islam Commander and Chemical Weapon Expert Zahran Alloush has been working for Saudi Intelligence since the 1980s

The exterminated Zahran Alloush was, until he became the commander of Jaysh al-Islam the supreme commander of Liwa-al-Islam; a position he continued to hold until his death.

An in depth investigative report published by nsnbc international in 2013 shows that Zahran Alloush was the field commander who, on August 21, 2013, gave the order to launch the chemical weapons attack against the East Ghouta suburb of Damascus. Zahran Alloush has been on the payroll of the Saudi intelligence service since the 1980s.

Despite certain media reports to the contrary it must be noted that the air strike that ended the life of Zahran Alloush was carried out before a ceasefire that should allow the evacuation of the 2,000 insurgents to Raqqa came into effect. Jobar is of immense strategic importance for foreign backed insurgents’ logistic support from Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan.

F/AK – nsnbc 26.12.2015

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Source Article from http://nsnbc.me/2015/12/26/un-sponsored-evacuation-of-insurgents-from-damascus-to-raqqa-delayed/

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