Unattractive More Likely To Keep Wearing Masks, Study Says

No one anywhere in this world, no “government”, no “scientist”, can or has produced an Identified isolated Purified Reproducible sample of a “SARS-COV-02” “virus”.

It is a scam.


IF, and I repeat, IF it were real, a dust or “surgical mask would not stop a virus transmission.
The weave of all dust and surgical mask is much larger than a virus body, which means a virus could truck right through the mask.

And around the mask as anyone who has ever used one in a dusty situation knows.

A virus can also go in the corner of your eye and infect you just the same.

Now, I am an old fart who has been married to the same women for damn near forty years.
I have been in houses of ill repute/bars all over the world as a GI on liberty in foreign countries.
I have had women offer it to me for free.
I have been tempted, BUT I was able to think with my upper head and remain faithful to my wife.
It is a matter of Honor.
I swore to cleave to her and her alone until God through death separated us.

But I also am a man and not dead.
I notice a good looking women.

My father was a minister who in his sixties once commented to my mother about some women being good looking.
My mother bowed up and told him:

My father told her, ” The day I stop noticing a good looking women is good looking you can shovel the clods in on me because I will be dead”.

I admit I have seen some women with nice looking bodies who look more attractive when they keep their faces covered.

I have no opinion on the males, not men, wearing mask.
I will leave that judgement to the women.

The Ole Dog!

Unattractive More Likely To Keep Wearing Masks, Study Says

A report comprised of three studies showed that people who thought they were less attractive were more likely to wear masks.

The report was derived from three studies conducted by the Department of Psychology and Center for Happiness Studies at Seoul National University in South Korea. The first two studies found that people who thought they were good-looking were less willing to wear a mask; they were less likely to believe that mask-wearing made them look better. The third study found that their belief was stronger in situations where they needed to deliver a favorable impression.

“Research shows that individuals who perceive themselves as more (vs. less) attractive possess more socially desirable attributes … have higher self-esteem … and enjoy better mental and physical health,” the study stated.

The study claims that “as essential cues that signal (un) attractiveness (e.g., facial symmetry) … can be censored with a mask, mask-wearing might critically influence how one’s attractiveness is perceived. … relatively unattractive individuals are deemed more attractive with masks … previous findings suggest that mask-wearing enhances perceived attractiveness among unattractive individuals, while the opposite is true for attractive individuals.”

The study points out that in South Korea, the term “ma-gi-kkun,” was coined to refer to people who intentionally wore a mask to give a more favorable impression; the study cites the American term “mask-fisher” to mean the same thing.

“We expect that individuals who perceive themselves as attractive (unattractive) will be less (more) likely to endorse the belief that wearing a mask enhances their perceived attractiveness,” the study states, concluding, “Our results consistently demonstrated that self-perceived unattractive individuals were more willing to wear a mask, as they believed it would benefit their attractiveness.”



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