Unbelievable Photo Shows Hundreds Of Afghans Escaped Taliban Aboard U.S. C-17s

In the wake of Joe Biden being awoken from his slumber and forced to defend the complete lack of any plan to withdraw Americans from Afghanistan, one former CIA veteran says he was appalled by the lies that came out of Biden’s mouth, adding that “plan after plan” was sent to the government but “no one listened.”

When MSNBC host Brian Williams claimed that Biden “didn’t run” from his responsibility to the Afghan people, and “he owned it,” former CIA analyst Matt Zeller fired back “I hope he gets to own their deaths too.”

“I feel like I watched a different speech than the rest of you guys. I was appalled,” Zeller continued, adding “There was such a profound bold-faced lie in that speech. The idea we planned for every contingency? I have been personally trying to tell this administration since it took office. I have been trying to tell our government for years this was coming. We sent them plan after plan on how to evacuate these people. Nobody listened to us.”

Zeller added that the administration was most concerned about the optics of a chaotic withdrawal, and that is exactly what it got because it “failed to do what was right when we could have done it.”

Zeller also urged “I don’t know why he [Biden] claims people don’t want to leave Afghanistan,” noting that there are some 86,000 government employees trapped there, and adding that he personally has a list of 14,000 names of people who are desperate to get out.

Referring to Afghans trapped in their own country now, Zeller added “We made these people a promise. The Taliban are now actively killing them, and if we don’t take them they’re going to die. That’s the thing is we have the means to do this. We have just simply lacked this entire time the conviction to do the right thing.”

A clearly impassioned Zeller concluded “I can’t forgive myself and I’ll never forgive my country for doing this. I know exactly what every Vietnam veteran has been warning me about now. I’m going to live with the moral injury for the rest of my life.”


Prior to his appearance, co-host Nicolle Wallace laughably suggested that “95% of the American people will agree with everything [Biden] just said,” further claiming “For an American president to finally be aligned with what such an overwhelming majority of Americans think about Afghanistan is probably a tremendous relief to the American people.”

Zeller’s appearance shattered MSNBC’s outright propaganda for a moment with a dose of the horrible reality of what has unfolded under Biden.


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