Unhinged Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorist Rick Wiles Is Running For Congress

Rick Wiles is a deeply antisemitic right-wing conspiracy theorist and End Times broadcaster who has dedicated countless episodes of his “TruNews” programs to railing against Israel and Jews.

Now, Wiles is running for Congress.

Wiles joined fellow antisemitic right-wing conspiracy theorist Stew Peters on “The Stew Peters Show” last night to say that he decided to run for office because he was outraged by seeing Republican Rep. Brian Mast of Florida, in whose district Wiles lives, appear on Capitol Hill wearing the uniform from his service in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Wiles said that if he is elected, his first priority will be to introduce legislation “to make it a felony for any member of Congress—House or Senate and their staff members—to wear a foreign military uniform.”

“A felony,” Wiles said. “Put them in prison. It’s treason.”

Wiles was likely motivated to run by his deep hatred of Jews and the state of Israel, as well as his desire to “provoke a goyim uprising” and “overthrow the Talmud in America.”

“We are going to impose Christian rule in this country,” Wiles has declared.

Wiles is a radical conspiracy theorist who spent the Obama administration claiming that Barack Obama was literally demon-possessed and “a devil from hell” who “spiritually sodomized” the nation in his role as the head of a modern-day Nazi regime that sought to round up “patriotic men” and seize their homes so that they could be given to illegal immigrants.

There is no conspiracy theory too outlandish for Wiles to promote, ranging from declaring that Tom Brady was “sleeping with a witch” to warning that Rachel Maddow was using her MSNBC program to orchestrate a violent coup during which President Trump and his family would be dragged out of the White House and beheaded.

Wiles has also openly and repeatedly advocated violence against his political enemies, urging Trump to round up liberal activists and torture them.

Wiles has a special hatred for Right Wing Watch, because of our efforts to chronicle his radical views and statements. In 2020, Wiles even thanked God for the fact that the U.S. Special Forces were supposedly getting ready to hunt down and shoot “Right Wing Watch commies.”

Obviously, that didn’t happen and thus Right Wing Watch is still here to expose Wiles now that he is running for Congress.

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