University Promotes Podcast ‘Angry White Men and How They Ruined the World’

The more hatred you can spew forth against White people from the past and present, the further you will get in our current world, where proselytizing for White genocide is seen as a holy mission. Of course if you are to say anything similar about any other group of people, you will be thrown immediately under the rainbow bus. After all, this is no place for hate (of anyone but White people).

The University of Missouri-Kansas City hosts a podcast “Angry White Men and How They Ruined the World” on its website. The show was put together by university students who have successfully assimilated the anti-White indoctrination they have been spoon-fed since birth.

From Campus Reform:

The cover photo for “Angry White Men and How They Ruined the World” included images of George Washington, Mitch McConnell, Ronald Reagan, Andrew Jackson, and other White men with their eyes covered with red X’s.

Honestly I think White people are not nearly angry enough at what is being done to us. When will our survival instincts kick in as a people? Could you imagine how angry Blacks would be if a university promoted a podcast that blamed them for all the world’s ills? What about the uproar from jewish groups when someone so much as hints at jews having a disproportionate amount of power? Trans freaks get angry as hell just about being mis-pronouned!

The Xs over the eyes of the “White men” in the cover photo of the podcast are not just there because the figures are dead. They are there because they want to see our whole entire race swept into the dustbin of history. It is our sacred duty to ensure that White genocide is stopped dead in its tracks so that our people can lead happy and healthy lives, free from this kind of psychological warfare.

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