Update on MaxResistance & The Resistance Round Table

This is an update for anyone wondering what’s going on with MaxResistance.com and “The Resistance Round Table” show.

During a few of our past shows I (UpNorthOfThe49th) mentioned I had a conflict of schedules with my volunteer work and the timing of “The Resistance Round Table” show. I also mentioned my father suffered a severe accident.

I have currently stopped giving time to my volunteer efforts and am focusing 100% of my time to my family. Although the accident to my father happened awhile back, it does not negate the fact he is suffering to keep his farm and business operational. He “severely” broke his neck in a freak accident and was of course put into an archaic medieval halo for months on end. He says he is fine, however he is not as strong or as able as he was prior to the incident.

Working a farm business is physically demanding and difficult in the best of circumstances. Currently the business is suffering (as he can not keep up with the physical demands) and this being my parents only source of income I have to help as much as possible, their livelihood depends on it. Dividing my time between my home and their farm is very difficult, as they live around 6 hours away from me. Spring is now here and the heavy work begins. I’ve decided this year I will be moving there for the duration of Spring, Summer and part of Fall, to assist in any way I can. As they are in a remote location internet access is very difficult to get, therefore I have been unable to direct the operations of MaxResistance, post articles or organize shows.

We have a great team of participants here at MaxResistance however they to are having a difficult time without me to oversee the operations and assist them to take over “The Resistance Round Table”. That’s understandable as we all have times when life gets in the way of our internet activities. Without revealing any of SwanSongs personal information he also is stressed with outside obligations in his life, as is the case with ZeeRoe3. Therefore we have decided we would revisit the shows schedule more towards the fall and see how we are all doing at that time. So in the meantime we apologize for our outside obligations and hope you will find it in your hearts to understand. Your loyalty has been paramount and without you we could not continue, your support has been amazing by sharing our hard work with others. Our deepest Thank you to our listeners, our many amazing guests and panel members with the greatest appreciation to you ALL.

MaxResistance has always been run by ordinary people tired of over reaching oligarchies and blatant corruption. We have all worked hard to make MaxResistance a great site and The Resistance Round Table a great informative show. We don’t want our efforts to disappear and hope our loyal followers will understand our current situations, and find continued value when we once again carry on.

Personally I would like to thank FPRNRadio for producing our shows and giving us the opportunity to voice our opinions UNCENSORED (unlike YouTube). I will be placing FPRNRadio’s feed into our chatroom as well as encourage all of you to go to FPRNRadio.com and listen to their live and archived shows at your convenience. MaxResistance archives are also located at the bottom of our main chatroom for your viewing and listening convenience. We look forward to joining FPRNRadio.com’s schedule again in the fall.

I want to sincerely thank you for your consideration, loyalty and understanding. Please stay safe and take time for your loved ones as well. We are sure of one thing, the situations in our Countries will not improve during our absence so the fight must continue….

Many Prayers to you all.
Your friend and Co-Patriot


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