In the military exercise “Anaconda” a man has been killed and his passenger seriously injured. The man died in a collision of his car with a US military transport, which was part of a convoy driving through Poland.

In the margins of the NATO military maneuver “Anaconda” a man was killed in a car accident. [TW: Why not “armored troop carrier accident”? 3000 military vehicles and tanks, and this was a car accident.] According to a Polish military spokesman, the driver of a civilian car was killed and a passenger seriously injured when their car collided on a highway in western Poland with a US military transport. The transporter was part of a convoy, which was traveling as part of the military exercises.

24 NATO countries and several countries in the so-called Partnership for Peace involved, including Georgia and Ukraine are involved in the ten-day maneuvers called Anaconda 2016.

Designed for covert attack

A total of 31,000 soldiers, with 3000 vehicles and tanks, 105 aircraft and helicopters and twelve ships are involved in the exercise. The Bundeswehr has sent 400 soldiers. It is the largest exercise in Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War. The exercise will be close out shortly before the NATO summit meetings July 8 and 9.

The maneuvers, ongoing since Tuesday, are designed for a covert attack and not an official declaration of war.

Experts suggest [TW: “Experts suggest” (Experten vermuten) is Die Welt‘s equivalent of Fox News saying “Some people say.” Omitting little things like the democratic voice of the people in plebiscites is, of course, par for western journalism.] that Russia had applied this tactic in the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in spring 2014, as the military appeared on the peninsula without insignia and the Ukrainian soldiers were enclosed in their barracks.