US and Rogue Allies Breaching Ceasefire in Syria, Not Moscow or Damascus

US and Rogue Allies Breaching Ceasefire in Syria, Not Moscow or Damascus

by Stephen Lendman

Russia and Syria observe international laws, including Security Council resolutions.

US policy is polar opposite. Its illegal wars of aggression speak for themselves. So does its willful disinformation, attempting to unjustifiably justify its wars on humanity and much more.

Ignoring its terror-bombing mass slaughter of civilians in multiple countries, the Trump administration condemned the Syrian/Russian offensive to liberate East Ghouta from US-supported terrorists – falsely claiming it violates Security Council Resolution 2401.

It’s in full compliance, explained in a same-day article and earlier ones. Washington, NATO, Israel, Turkey, their rogue allies, and terrorist foot soldiers falsely called “rebels” alone flagrantly continue breaching Security Council Res. 2401.

On Friday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said “(w)e are investigating various mechanisms that would hold Russia and (Syria) accountable for using chemical weapons on its own people.”

US-supported terrorists use them, trained by Pentagon contractors. Throughout the conflict, no evidence suggests Syrian use of these weapons.

Escalated Trump administration anti-Russia/anti-Syria propaganda reflects desperation over losing the battle for the Syrian Arab Republic to Moscow and Damascus – denying Washington another imperial trophy, sabotaging its aim to isolate Iran ahead of launching a regime change offensive against its government.

Russian lower house State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Leonid Slutsky called White House press secretary Sarah Sanders disinformation on East Ghouta Joseph Goebbels-style propaganda – attempting to justify “destructive (US) policy,” adding:

Its objective “is shaking off its own responsibility for the deaths among the civilian population killed by terrorists of the Islamic State, and the US played a role in its creation,” as well as other likeminded terrorist groups.

Russia’s Defense Ministry blasted US accusations, falsely accusing Russia and Syria of massacring civilians and bombing hospitals – how Washington operates, not Moscow or Damascus.

“(D)uring months of massive attacks by militants, there was not a single condemnatory statement from Washington or its European allies,” Russia’s MOD stressed, adding:

“But when the Syrian authorities repelled the attacks by pro-American groups, Washington immediately came up with traditional false accusations of the alleged ‘bombing of medical facilities’ in Eastern Ghouta and with rumors invented by loyal propaganda bodies about alleged use of ‘chemical weapons’ “ by Syrian forces.

“Before blaming Russia for allegedly violating the provisions of UN Security Council resolution 2401, it would be useful for the White House representative of to get acquainted with the content of the document.”

Since the 1990s alone, Washington raped and destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

It’s waging political and economic war on Venezuela. It toppled legitimate governments in Haiti, Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil, Ukraine and Egypt. It partnered in three Israeli wars of aggression on Gaza

All sovereign independent governments are on its target list for regime change, especially Russia, China and Iran.

Every nation on Washington’s earlier and current target list threatened no others.

Yet US administrations from GHW Bush on Iraq in 1991 to the Clintons’ Balkan wars and genocidal Iraqi sanctions to Bush/Cheney, Obama and Trump wars waged naked aggression in pursuit of unchallenged global dominance – no matter the human cost.

US-dominated NATO and their rogue allies represent humanity’s greatest threat.

If their endless wars aren’t stopped, they may end us.

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