US Avoids Recognition of BRICS II

Renee Parsons

 As existence of the BRICS accelerates, it will become more obvious that the US government has been working against the long term political and economic interests of the American people; most notably relying on imported foreign oil, allowing a warped neo con regime to dictate foreign policy and abuse of its dominion over the international reserve currency (aka petro- Dollar) while ravishing the natural resources of other nation states.  

With some character and principles, the US could have successfully existed as a global partner by providing its own domestic energy needs while reiterating the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 with each new Presidential administration and thus avoid whatever calamity awaits.

While the US has deliberately avoided its existence, the global west and mockingbird media have been muted with little acknowledgment of the historic meeting or as its own economy disintegrates, that the US is staring at a dramatic geoeconomic/political upheaval in the near future.  While the BRICS have not yet taken down the petrol-dollar or the US economy in one fell swoop – its impacts are yet to manifest.

Against the backdrop of the fourth indictment against President Trump and an open revolt amongst old-guard Republicans (aka RINOS) and the America First crowd, the XV Annual BRICS met with  its expanded international geostrategic political partnerships of sixty seven heads of state in attendance.   In resuscitating 2000 years of trade between Africa and Asia, the BRICS formally accepted the applications of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran UAE, Argentina and Ethiopia within its ranks creating BRICS 11.  South African President Ramaphosa cited BRICS  as an “equal partnership of countries that have different views but have a shared vision for a better world.”  It is worth noting that no western leaders or Israel had been invited.  

After the newly-fabricated BRICS meeting, China President Xi Jinping described BRICS as a “strong  force in the world of peace and development” while Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke via zoom that the “new liberalism of the west is a danger to traditional values.”    

 Upon its return to the Emerald City after a month long sabbatical, the historic asleep-at-the-wheel free-spending Uniparty will continue its speculative venture to adopt a Continuing Resolution in recognition of its $33 Trillion deficit instead of creating a balanced budget.  The Republican party, led by Democratic operatives who masquerade as RINOs, walked away from fiscal responsibility as Congress continues to avoid any legislative oversight on the BRICS.   

Since its beginning in 2009, the original four BRIC (Russia/China/Brazil/India) countries with South Africa joining in 2011, the BRICS has refrained from direct criticism of the US.  Dismissed as ‘emerging economies’ too independent from western powers, the alliance was never interested in nominating one single governing power.  They were never secretive about the need to reform the international financial system and the possibility of a new reserve currency to replace the petro-dollar.  

As described by founding member Putin, the BRICS goal is to form a just world order based on international law rather than a US-dominated post-WWII “rules based” order.  Putin noted that BRICS leaders are not just about defending their own interests “but also all those who stand for a truly democratic world order and the right of countries to freely determine their own destiny.  His  comment of ‘unprecedented pressure and provocations from the west’  was referring to US imposed ban on selling foreign currency, a ban on the SWIFT financial system and other western economic intrusions. 

While the addition of Saudi Arabia, the world’s second largest oil producer after the US, added an essential status to BRICS, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan, suggested… “the special, strategic relations with the BRICS nations promotes common principles, …of respect for sovereignty, independence and non-interference in internal affairs” sound bites reminiscent of former US President Donald Trump.  Prince bin Farhan said that he ‘looked forward to new developmental and economic opportunities’, and yet  later told Saudi channel Al Arabiya that the kingdom would ‘review the details’ in order to make an “appropriate decision” ahead of the proposed January 2024 joining date.   

Even before the recent expansion, Russia and China had achieved their goal for mutual trade in 2024 at $200 billion.  With expansion, the BRICS world population grew to an impressive 47% with its share of global GDP (w/PPP) at 59.8% and a comparable G7 GDP at 48.5%.   The accumulative debt of the BRICS is 8.9 Trillion as compared to G7 debt of 55.5 Trillion.   

The BRICS National Development Bank with a AA+ Fitch rating recognizes itself beyond crippling conditions of the western dominated the IMF and World Bank, in favor of a ‘no strings’ approach as the first multi-lateral developing bank for developing economies with $30 Billion funding eighty projects during its first five years. 

While the concept of one common currency is not an immediate goal, trading within local currencies has begun with energy purchases using the Chinese yuan as the South African rand and the Brazilian real fund infrastructure projects, promote economic growth as a multipolar global financial system reduces dependence on western institutions. 

Meanwhile, as Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia dominate energy as the BRICS’ largest oil exporters representing 44% of the world’s oil production, all of which will be priced in currency rather than the dollar, the Biden Administration continues to drain US strategic preserve instead of  drill baby drill.’

For those unable to read between the lines: the point is that much of the non-western world has long been familiar with the American Empire’s abuse of its immense privileged geopolitical power as sole proprietor of the world’s reserve currency by virtue of its Dollar dominance,  flaunting its sanctions policy  as a foreign policy tool, to  facilitate its own gratuitous national priorities and to finance unrestrained US hegemony around the globe all necessitating a run up to an irresponsible $35 Trillion deficit.      

Putin defined “illegitimate sanctions’ according to international law as the ‘unlawful freezing of sovereign states assets which seriously weigh on the international economic situation.”  In other words, the international world is aware that the US has fiddled with the assets of desperately poor nation states to be sanctioned and penalized, ad nauseum.  Currently,  four members of BRICS sanctioned by the US are  Ethiopia, Iran, Russia  and China.    

It is that awareness which remains a prime impetus for the BRICS 11 as the US has a sordid history of being the undisputed Bully of the World with support of the Uniparty coalition.    As John Pilger explained in his Silencing the Lambs, the “US has overthrown fifty governments (mostly democratic),  dropped bombs on thirty countries, interfered in the elections of 30 countries, attempted murder on fifty leaders and opposed liberation movements in twenty countries.” 

 Even prior to BRICS realignment, the world had already dramatically shifted as third world countries like Niger are no longer willing to allow their  natural resources  to be appropriated by the west and sold for profit while they themselves  struggle for existence.  The west is slow to recognize that Niger has a right to its own resources but the BRICS figured that out some time ago.   The US encourages ECOWAS, a US supported alignment of west African states, to impose tough sanctions on Niger and threaten military intervention to restore its ousted leader. 

In the midst of turmoil, the French Ambassador to Niger was declared a ‘persona non grata’ and was requested to depart which the Ambassador refused.  In response, the Niger government cut off his embassy’s water and electric supply. 

Simultaneously, two US Navy Fifth Fleet warships traveled through the Suez Canal carrying over three thousand marines and sailors.  Their presence was in response to a perceived kerfuffle with Iran after US confiscation of an oil tanker meant to enforce its sanctions against Iran.   The  US claimed that its action was to “deter destabilizing activity and de-escalate regional tensionwhile the US also deployed 2,500 light infantry troops as part of Operation Inherent Resolve to Iraq and Syria.    A member of the Iraq foreign ministry suggested that “The US government’s military presence in the region has never created security. Their interests in this region have always compelled them to fuel instability and insecurity.”  

US Africom confirmed that while the BRICS meeting was underway, a series of air strikes were conducted in Somalia killing thirteen with five hundred American troops are  now on the ground in Somalia.  As the BRICS 11 experiment unfolds, what remains to be determined is how BRICS 11 will respond to future US military aggression or US meddling within one of its Member states.    

In promoting BRICS 11 as an emerging world order, Putin drew the comparison  to aneocolonial international system, which is ugly in its essence, has ceased to exist, while the multipolar world order getting ever-stronger. This is an inevitable process.”  It is reported that another fifty nations are awaiting the next round of membership in 2024. 

Meanwhile,  immediately after BRICS 11 adjourned, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov  announced that only “nations that do not enforce sanctions against the group’s members will be admitted” while stressing that “western nations are following exactly the opposite of this course.”   Ryabkov added “the process of diluting the role of the collective West in world affairs is irreversible” especially as it does so unto itself. 

As BRICS 11 continues to expand and if successful in its efforts,  there may come a time when the UN is replaced by a more relevant BRICS 11 which  fulfills its  mandate to provide a more cooperative and equitable  framework for peace and resolution. 

No longer considered an irrefutable hegemonic influence with a demented national leadership, a cowardly and selfish legislative branch, distrusted world wide yet dominated by the CIA and a military empire, the US has no one to blame but its own hubris for alienating the rest of the world, smug in its superiority and overleveraged with massive debt opening a potential path  to its demise.  

Renee Parsons served on the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and as president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, staff in the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, an environmental lobbyist for Friends of the Earth and a staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC.  


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