US poised to call for Syria’s Assad to go

August 11, 2011

The United States, after weeks of hesitation, has finally decided to call explicitly for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down amid broadening pressure to staunch the bloodshed.

The announcement, which US officials said is expected as early as Thursday, would come as President Barack Obama’s administration presses for tougher international sanctions on a regime bent on crushing a pro-democracy movement.

“The United States is looking to explicitly call for Assad to step down. The timing of that is still in question,” a US official told AFP on the condition of anonymity.

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19 Responses to “US poised to call for Syria’s Assad to go”

  1. All this news,ALL OF IT! Is going to shortly be pushed off the front burner as NIBIRU approaches. Its coming and all our trivial differances will mean absoloutely squat! Jesus Christ is Lord

    • Jesus Christ is Lord for sure, but you must be of another cult as I have read the Bible many times and never have I seen this word NIBIRU. Either explain or shut up. I for one am sick of all this occultist garbage being interwoven with Christ.

  2. Maybe this is gonna be an excuse for them to back out of or wind down libya? or perhaps they think assad will be easier to take down so theyll claim they have been successful to cover up the libya failure

  3. What goes on in Syria is none of our business. They are a soverign nation, and we are NOT the police nation of the world. Or are we?

  4. sure a lot of nwo agents here on this thread.

  5. aaaja2044, Get off your ass and go get “that Syrian dictator yourself!” you dumb ed down numbnuts.

  6. Hey no face, show your face. Start looking in a mirror. The Dictators in other nations cannot hold a candle to the ones running our own country hypocrite. Until you clean house here don’t put down the leadership in other country’s that were assembled by the Communist In America (CIA) and American Nazis in our government. You want change, change this Patriot Act Nazi regime dictators because as of right now, WE the American People, want our own country back with our original Constitution. Take the Super 13 and shove them up your ass.

  7. It’s about time Obama said something.
    Funny how when there are no national resources to exploit, our leaders give a $hit.
    Now if only the Arab league and or Nato would step up and actually remove this dictator instead of just slapping his wrist!

  8. And it’s well past time for the Union of Zionist Socialist Republic’s war criminal established Jewist-Socialist dictator Netenyahu and his criminal Rothschild-religious corporate-globalist mafia regime (including their puppet Obama bin Soetoro) to go. too

  9. It’s all happening, wtf, another war.

  10. The sooner the dictators are out, the sooner PEACE will come to the middle east! Arab’s will have some sort of democracy and their oil money will reach the common Arab person, and Israel will not have to have so many enemies around them! Let’s get that Syrian murderer as soon as possible! THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME to do such things, i can’t imagine a better time, with all the ‘chaos’ in the middle east right now, its the best chance the western world has EVER HAD in history!

    • The trouble is it’s the US that’s the dictator.

      • Exactly. Plus I read recently that Assad is the Antichrist so good luck with that one Obamabe. The Great Whore of Babylon vs. the Antichrist, please pass the popcorn.

    • If it wasn’t for US puppet dictators like Assad the criminally-established nationalist-religious-socialist white European Ashkenazi colony occupying Palestine and Jerusalem would have been toast years ago.

      When established Christianists ruled Germany it was no different than the established Likudnik Jewists running Palestine. Liberty is freedom from established-religious socialism

    • The dictators are doing exactly what the United socialist states in America and Great Britain are doing. Clean up your own mess first, then wipe the table of others.The Arabs will always be a DEMON-OCRACY like the Anglo-American World Power of Britain and America represent. Revelation 12:12 and Luke 4:6.

  11. Month after month…you ask people to step down…what give you the right to call the shot?…how bout you step down berry osama………

  12. these guys are dictators straight up,only they are the more cultured type like baltazzar from the movie constantine.isnt this guy like from a family dynasty or something .i can only imagine what the middle east will be like when their are no more freaking suicide bombers.these people need some serious reeducation as to what year it is and why you dont need to crap in a bucket.

    • These dictators in other nations are the creation of puppets by the jackals of the (CIA) and just like the get in power, is the same way the jackals gets them out. These Communist In America have used these tactics for the Military Industrial Complex of Nazis in Power. Read today’s question “Why does China need an aircraft carrier) Let me think, so they can play war games with these jackals.

  13. so what’ll that be now, like 8 armed conflicts. Assholes.

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