Vaccine Secrets-Children’s Health Defense

Land of the free?

Home of the “brave”.

While I was in the military I was always going to some foreign country and always had to get two to three extra vaccinations on top of the usual for the military every vaccine on the market schedule.

Finally in 1990-91 the DOD used a war as an excuse to illegally test an experimental Anthrax vaccine using Squalene oil as an adjutant on US GI’s.

“An investigative journalist specializing in biological warfare issues reveals the secrets of the Pentagon’s medical experiments on U.S. and British soldiers, conducted without the knowledge or consent of the subjects.”

“Squalene is a moisturizing ingredient used in some skin care products, like anti-aging cream, lip gloss, and sunscreen. It comes from squalene, an oily substance found in people, animals, and plants that’s also in some COVID-19 vaccines.”

It killed tens of thousands of GI’s, disabled multitudes of that number, the USA is still lying about it.

Knowing they were killing and disabling their own soldiers, Uncle sugar refused to stop.
It took a group law suit by GI’s to force the USA to stop murdering them with a Voodoo Vaccine.

Squalene oil is in the bodies of most animals including humans.
But so is s#it.
Take s#it, put it in a syringe and inject it into the body, ya gonna get sick or die.

So for 30 plus years the “scientist” have known squalene oil is deadly when injected, but they added it to the mRNA non vaccine Spike Protein Killer Jabs which have killed millions and millions more are going to die?

Not taking any chances are they.
They making damn sure it’s deadly.

I read where they were talking of putting the mRNA voodoo witch’s brew crap into the yearly “flu” shot.
You can bet your ass squalene oil will be there also.

Thats what got me researching vaccines and health, being used as a lab rat by Uncle Sugar.

Most Amish will not vaccinate their kids.
Autism is almost non existent in Amish kids.
Every time Uncle Sugar has forced more voodoo vaccines on small kids, the number of kids with autism rises with the increase in the number of jabs forced on America’s children.

The wife’s and my son is Autistic, another reason I started researching vaccines.
At 3 years old I got a State exemption for him for vaccines.
I figured that the damage was done but no sense doing more damage.
I fought the school system all the years he was in school.
He never had another jab.

When they started spreading the spike protien via the killer jabs, if it was a yearly flu or getting sick from jabbed people, my wife and I both went down hard.
We got over it unjabbed and went on.

Our son who’s immune system has not been damaged by a freight train of jabs like the wife and I, living in the same house never got sick.

On his birthday a few months back, the whole family went to a fancy restaurant and were served by a host of jabbed waiters.

The wife and I got sick, not as bad as before, but sick.

Our son living in the same house did not.

It is fact kids who receive Uncle Sugar’s “recommended” schedule of voodoo vaccines have more respiratory problems, allergies, get sick more than unjabbed kids.

If you love your children, for God’s sake, stop jabbing them.
If that means pulling them out of the hell hole “public schools”, home schooling them, well, how much do you love your children?

Below is a link to a very informative video on the dangers of children’s “vaccines”.
Please take time to watch it.

An innocent child is the closest thing to God we have on this rock.

The Ole Dog!

Vaccine Secrets


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