Vaccines and pseudo-vaccines: how government plays Russian Roulette with the lives of millions

Vaccines and pseudo-vaccines: how government plays Russian Roulette with the lives of millions
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by Steve Cook

The extraordinarily large number of severe immediate-terms adverse reactions (including deaths) to the Covid vaccines and pseudo-vaccines has distracted us from an important fact we must not lose sight of:

The gravest issue with the new vaccines and pseudo-vaccines is NOT the short-term adverse events but the LONG TERM adverse effects on health and longevity.

That so many adverse effects have shown up almost immediately has come as something of a surprise. The scale and seriousness were not expected and the concern has been and REMAINS the long-term effects.

However, the surprising number and severity of short-term problems increases our concern for the long term health of people who have been injected with these new experimental biochemical agents. They comprise a whopping great red flag that tells us we need to be very very wary indeed of getting ourselves injected with these substances.

There iss always a chance that the government will “get away with” this reckless and irresponsible use of an entire nation as guinea pigs, much as there is always a chance that if one plays Russian Roulette the gun will not go off.

That does not make playing Russian Roulette a smart thing to do, especially as the government is playing Russian Roulette by aiming the gun at OTHER PEOPLE’S HEADS.

A better analogy however would be this:

When you play Russian Roulette with a revolver (and please do NOT try this at home!) you put one bullet in the chamber and spin it. This gives you a one in six chance that the gun will kill you or a 6-to-one chance you will survive. Or, for every six people who are persuaded to play Russian Roulette in this way, one will blow their brains out. Even with 6-1 odds in your favour you would have to be a complete idiot to play.

Either that or you would have to be subjected to a pretty heavy sales pitch to persuade you to play. This of course we have seen over the pasty year with the Covid Terror orchestrated by the two major front groups for corporate power: the government and the media

But what about playing Russian Roulette when you do not know how many bullets are in the chamber (6? 5? 4? £/ 2? 1? or none at all?).

You would have to be even more stupid to play when you do not know how many, if any, bullets are in the chamber and the only data you have are reassurances and promises from shifty people you KNOW are not entirely trustworthy (such as government, media or pharmaceutical marketing) that there are no or “very few” bullets in gun.

But, off course, to make the analogy even more apt, we would have to imagine the bullets are slow-acting. They do not necessarily blow a person’s brains out immediately but instead sort of gnaw away at them and kill them slowly over a number of years – the number varying wildly from person to person according to their individual circumstances such as age, lifestyle, other health problems etc), perhaps even so many years that their eventual, untimely death is hard to even to relate to the game of Russian Roulette they once played years earlier.

If the bullet simply blows people’s brains out it becomes easy to assess the risks, whether we have been lied to and so forth and people quickly become aware the game is dangerous and decline to play it.

But if the “bullet” the gun inserts into your body is slow acting and people tend not to die spectacularly right away, it becomes easy for those who for their own reasons want everyone to play, to sell the populace on how safe the game is (“See? Hardly anybody has died yet apart from a load of old people!”). By the time it becomes obvious the game wasn’t safe after all, there’s a slow-acting bullet in almost everybody.

To stretch the analogy further, what seems to be happening at the moment is that whilst the bullet is mostly slow acting, it has blown the brains out straight away of just enough people to alert the rest of us to the fact that there is something very very dodgy with that proverbial revolver and its mysterious bullets.

So we are in a situation where NOBODY really knows the extent of the risks. They could be huge or they could be minor, and only time will tell.

If they turn out to be minor – which is looking increasingly unlikely even at this early stage – then the gov will doubtless pat itself on the back and milk it for all it is worth to show how wise it was. But what we must not forget is this: the government was WILLING TO GAMBLE. It was willing to put the gun to your head and pull the trigger, in other words to play Russian Roulette with the short- medium- and long-term well being of you and millions of other people. It does not know how many bullets are in the chamber and will not know until long after the entire nation has been in injected.

This is truly insane behaviour. And this is the future that awaits us if we continue to surrender power over our lives and our children’s lives to this psychotic echelon of self-appointed herdsmen.

The ONLY thing that might have justified their gamble would have been if the the consequences of playing Russian Roulette were less dire than the consequences of not playing – in other words if, in this case, we were facing a truly broadly lethal mass-killing virus with a low recovery rate that was decimating the population and for which there was no known remedy.

But the COVID19 bug, all spin and propaganda aside, does not fit the bill on any of those counts. Not even close.

Meanwhile, if it starts to become evident that the government’s gamble has backfired and people are getting sick with autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, SIDS and God alone knows what else, expect the mother of all cover-ups and the gov really going to town with stat fiddling and all its other propaganda tricks, ably assisted by its equally psychopathic chums ion the corporate media, to try to throw the people off the scent.

They will be fighting to cover up their own culpability for mass murder – either through mind-boggling recklessness or even more mind-boggling malice aforethought – after all, so expect them to fight really dirty and leave no lie unturned in their effort to protect themselves.

The current drive by their chums in Big Tech to silence dissenting or cautioning voices in the social media and across the internet is evidence that that cover-up of crimes is already underway. They know what they have done and that they dare not let the cat out of the bag.

It will be up to us in the people’s media and the freedom movement to stay alert and expose their crimes at every turn.

We must not and will not let them get away with it.

It is not just a matter of bringing criminals to justice, it is a matter of removing from those criminals any capability for committing the same crimes ever again.

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