Videos: Parents Accuse School Boards Of ‘Promoting Suicide’ With Creepy Corporate Run ‘Social Emotional Learning’ Schemes

Concerned parents have slammed school officials for “promoting suicide” among children by amplifying a so called ‘Social Emotional Learning’ agenda that is obsessed with encouraging kids that it is normal to have and to openly discuss mental health illnesses and to feel like they were born as the wrong gender.

The SEL scheme is often traced back to a 1995 book titled ‘Emotional Intelligence’ by academic Daniel Goleman, who argued that schools focus too much on intellectual achievement, and not enough on emotional development and empathy.

However, parents are now arguing that SEL has evolved into indoctrination, and that government run schools have no place getting involved with their children’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

In a recent school board hearing, a Southlake Texas mother, Tara Eddins, called for an end to the program in her children’s school, claiming that it ‘advertises suicide’.

Eddins asked school officials “Why are we hiring counsellors grades five through 12 at $90k a pop?”

“Counsellors need to get back to the business of prepping our kids for higher learning. Not promoting suicide,” she urged, adding “These kids are trying to get through the day – get through compacted math, algebra, go to cotillion on Sunday – they are not thinking about these issues.”


Parents in Indiana also recently argued that SEL is a “dangerous gateway to the LGBT agenda,” with schools encouraging children to question their sexuality:

Parents’ activist groups have also warned that “profiteer consulting groups” are being brought in by schools to replace traditional school counselors.

Asra Nomani, the vice president of Parents Defending Education told NBC News “What we need to do is to separate the authenticity of social and emotional learning from the activist, divisive agendas of profiteer consulting groups that are basically using our children to increase their bottom line.”

Nomani added that the SEL agenda “took a turn in the summer of 2020, after the tragedy of George Floyd’s killing,” adding that it has become “a vehicle for this quote-unquote ‘social justice activism’ and the indoctrination of controversial ideas related to race, sexuality and even gender and identity.”

Another parents activist group, No Left Turn in Education, has warned that SEL “sets students up to be ‘counseled’ to believe things that go against what their parents have taught them.”

“There are parents who raise their children with traditional family values and a biblical worldview only to have that shattered by adults in authority at school. Do you see it?” The group wrote in a recent Facebook post.

the post continued, “SEL is dangerous. It may not lead to a sexual assault by an adult, but it will likely lead to some serious mental health struggles for many young people.”

“Look at the staggering number of very young women who now identify as transgender or gender fluid. Have you wondered why this is? SEL is not the only cause, but it is certainly contributing to some of the identity issues of our day,” the group further warned.

As we noted last week, a new poll by Arizona Christian University has found that 39 per cent of 18-24 year olds now identify as LGBTQ.

previous poll by Gallup found that 5.6 per cent of all adult Americans now identify as LGBTQ, up from 4.5 per cent in 2017.

The fact that the number has inflated so significantly in recent years clearly indicates it is being driven by social and cultural engineering.

The results of the Gallup poll also indicated that the rise was largely due to more people identifying as “bisexual.”

However, as journalist Glenn Greenwald noted, “The vast majority of them in long-term relationships are in opposite-sex relationships (33%) rather than same-sex ones (3.7%). So 10 times more people who identify as “bi” live in hetero-appearing relationships than gay/lesbian ones.”

In other words, the cultural cache of claiming to be part of ‘LGBTQ’ when these people aren’t even in LGBTQ relationships is too tempting to resist.

The Foundations of Freedom report also noted that “The proportion of young adults who identify as LGBTQ is roughly three times the proportion identified among the combined older adults of the nation.”

In addition, the fact that mental illness and depression is statistically higher amongst people who identify as LGBT raises the question of the damage that the amplification of such lifestyles by the culture is doing to young people.

Parents nation-wide have found themselves under attack by leftists and even government entities over recent weeks after taking on school officials over issues including Critical Race Theory and gay porn literature in schools.

As Tucker Carlson recently detailed, the Biden administration is using the Department of Justice and the FBI to target parents who refuse to go along with its medical mandates and teaching of such ‘social justice’ theories in schools.



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