Want To Stop The Illegal Invasion of 3ed World pedophiles, Women Rapers, Thieves & Murderers at the Mexico Border?

The Appian Way leading to Rome on which Rome crucified 6,000 criminals as a warning

Well, I can tell you how to do it.

The Romans once crucified 6,000 people along a 120 mile stretch of road between Rome and Capua. People were traveling for days along a major trade route seeing a new person crucified every 100 feet.

One of my ancestors was there as an officer in the Legions.
He was not in charge at that point, but he was there.

There was this slave named Spartacus.
He escaped and gathered other slaves, bandits, low lives, robbers, rapers, murderers into his gang and raised hell raping robbing and murdering their way across Roman territory.

He was killed in the fighting but as a warning to others what happens if they tried this, 6,000 ass holes were crucified along the Appian Way leading into Rome.

There was not a repeat of this problem.

This next guy has taken a bad rap because of the Dracula stories about vampires and such.
Vlad the Impaler.

The Trucks were invading his lands, raping, robbing thieving, murdering.
The Turks were not nice folks or willing to live in peace with those around them.
Vlad could not match there numbers of armed men so he used phycological warfare.

He took captured Turks and impelled them alive on sharpened poles along the road the Turks had to use to invade his land.
At the sight of the screaming in agony impelled Turks, the Turkish invaders decide to just go home and forget about invading Vlad’s lands so they could rape, rob and slaughter.

I propose we use Impelling because a crucified person can be taken down and live.
An impelled ass hole is going to die, slowly, painfully and screaming even if they are pulled off the pole.

Every 200 yards or so a sharpened pole is set into the ground on the American side of the American/mexico border.
Every illegal caught sneaking in who is a gang member, a rapist, a pedophile, a thief, is impelled on one of these post and left to scream for a long time as they die.

Dead ones are left to rot and new live ones can be impelled above the rotting carrion.

Guarantee you the illegal invasion of the Southern countries called states will come to a screeching halt, and those already in country who are not well behaved will be swimming the Rio Grand in the opposite direction and rushing the International bridges going the other way.

We did not invite them, they are invaders who have no respect for our culture, our rules, our laws, our children, our women or our property.

They don’t want to get impaled, don’t fucking try to invade!

The Ole Dog!


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