Warrantless seizures accepted by Australian courts

The colony’s legal system is corrupt to its foundations.

The ABC ‘exposed’ that the judiciary, or more specifically magistrates have not been sworn in correctly for 30 years in Tasmania.

Therefore ANY order made, quiet simply put is not valid.

Since people have been ‘notified’, have legal firms advertised for a class action to occur?

Did any person in Tasmania seek or obtain a remedy from an unlawfully issued court order?

(you can respond in the comments section if you have, including the results)

The mainstream media also noted that since Victoria Police personnel have not been sworn in correctly, their fines in relation to a certain health situation have no legal legs to stand on.

The fact that the police acted under dictation has also been deliberately omitted.

In a court matter when you (the serf) are required to be sworn in or take an oath it MUST be done according to the procedure/rules/regulations, otherwise your information will not be accepted by the court.

To make matters worse, the legal system is covering up the fact that there is no lawfully appointed sheriff and therefore deputies in Victoria.

There must be a lawfully enacted ‘instrument’ in place, in order to seize property from a ‘person’, period.

A person’s property is seized by a sheriff, and this is where the problems begin, where they are not limited to the following two points:

  1. Currently (and previously), there is no lawfully appointed Sheriff of Victoria,

  2. The warrant, in its original form does not exist.

There is no current lawful appointment for a sheriff, an officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria, by the name of Mr. Warwick Knight.

There was no lawful appointment for the previous so called sheriff Mr. Brendan Facey.

If any person states otherwise, we challenge that person to produce the lawfully enacted paperwork within the comments section of this post.

First and foremost, to act on seizure of property a so called warrant in Victoria must be filled in and presented upon request to the person whose property is being seized.

As an example, if an ‘Infringement Notice’ arising from alleged road traffic offence is not paid, the fine expiates to what can be referred to as ‘sheriff stage’ where an alleged ‘Infringement Warrant’ (Against a Natural Person) is issued.

This warrant appears in the Infringements (Reporting and Prescribed Details and Forms) Regulations 2006, Schedule Forms, Form 1.

See: http://classic.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/vic/num_reg/iapdafr2006n75o2006714/sch1.html

Victoria’s corrupt judicature has been obtaining cash from persons even though no warrants can be produced by the Sheriff’s Office of Victoria.

This action is across more than one legal jurisdiction.

The courts have left many unsuspecting victims in their wake.

The real problem being though, is that those who have been astute enough to pick up on the fraud are being deceived stifled from obtaining a remedy by the court, where to be more specific it would be more beneficial to name those persons preventing you from obtaining justice be it a judicial registrar or judge, and initiating a judicial review.

One very public matter of a corrupt legal system denying justice to a victim of Victoria Police is that of Ms Corinna Horvath, where ultimately there was no ‘real’ remedy for her within Australia’s legal system, where she had to take it externally culminating in 2014 in the case called ‘Horvath v Australia’ some 18 years after an assault by eight ‘men’ employed by Victoria Police.

Did these ‘men’ lose their jobs or were they ‘rewarded’ for their efforts?

The pinnacle of a corrupt legal system, where the ‘brotherhood’ looks after its own.

There are many more victims of the legal system similar in calibre to that of Ms. Horvath where the legal system is abusing them, by denying justice in deliberately not providing a remedy.

Does the legal system take 18 years to obtain cash from an ‘Infringement Notice’?

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