Warren: We Cannot Let ‘Handful of Zealots’ on SCOTUS Take Away Rights

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said Monday on MSNBC given the Republican-controlled Senate voted to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Democrats must restore balance to the court.

Warren said, “Focus on the court for a second, that’s the real problem. The Republicans have now tilted the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals and district courts so sharply, in favor of business, in favor of the extremist point of view that doesn’t reflect the values of the majority of Americans. Our job when we — I hope, I hope — are in the majority next year, is to restore some integrity to the courts, restore some balance.

“We can’t simply spend an entire generation of a handful of zealous on the court breaking and destroying everything the American people want to see happen,” she continued. “We can’t just let them take away healthcare from people, overturn access to reproductive rights, take away union rights and workers’ rights, destroy our opportunities to attack climate change head-on. We’re going to have to get balance back in this system. And frankly the way I think of it, I want a depoliticize it. Turn down the volume. I want to have courts that decide things based on justice and law. Not on extreme ideology the way Amy Coney Barrett has indicated she will.”

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