Watch: Alan Dershowitz & Robert F Kennedy Jr. Have A Vaccine Debate

Would it not have been serving to have seen this happen already? A vaccine discussion, between two sides with different perspectives. Made available for everyone to see in a big way – perhaps through mainstream media. Sure, Dershowitz and Kennedy are not physicians, they are lawyers by trade. However, just like it can happen for you, me or anyone else, you are able to read studies, explore research, understand how a vaccine works and what’s in it. You can then gain an educated perspective about vaccines.

You are also able to listen to the testimony of doctors, nurses, and families who all have something to say about vaccines. You are able to listen to testimony from whistleblowers like William Thompson at the CDC who claimed that the CDC was manipulating data to show the MMR vaccine was safe when in fact the data indicated, according to Thompson, showed it was strongly linked to a much higher rate of autism in black boys. A study was published with the new data, but was eventually retracted. Here’s a video of congressman William Posey discussing the incident.

The point is, it doesn’t take a doctor to have an educated and intelligent discussion about vaccines. The data is the data, the research is the research, and anybody can educate themselves.

Prior to this, numerous physicians have declined to debate Robert F Kennedy Jr. on this topic publicly. They would cancel the night before the debate. But this time, Dershowitz went for it.

Below is the entire discussion, and it’s well worth the watch to hear multiple perspectives. As it always should be, YOU decide. I mean, should governments and big tech really be deciding which information you should see and don’t see? How about  Fact checkers, should they have the power to decide what you see?

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