Watch: BLM Protesters Call Man “Racist” For Driving Through Them to Pump Gas

Footage captured a group of Black Lives Matter protesters confronting an elderly man after failing to block him from pumping gas at a local station where police shot a black man last week.

Video from Monday shows BLM in Lafayette, Louisiana, forming a human-chain to prevent a driver from accessing the pumps at a Shell convenience store.

Despite more than seven people linking arms to deter the motorist, the man driving a giant Ford F250 proceeds to lurch forward, upsetting the protesters as he reaches the filling station and exits to pump gas.

“Racist! Racist!” many protesters shout, as they bang on the truck of an elderly white man, who looks confused as he looks through his wallet to refill his gas tank.

One reporter comments protesters were upset because the man didn’t respect their plan to “stand their ground.”

“This is the type of foolishness that we’re talking about!” one protester yelled at a KATC reporter on the scene.

“This man took his vehicle and tried to pass it through a peaceful protest and tried to kill us! That’s exactly what happened! This is why when we try to tell you we’re trying to keep this damn city calm and this is what is happening!”

“A racist,” another protester adds. “They’ll run their cars into you, act like they didn’t do anything wrong.”

The man was reportedly able to pump gas and drive off after police arrived.

“Police then asked the protesters to move off the property, so they relocated to a nearby shopping center where they continued their protest,” reports KATC.

The gas station protests stemmed from the police shooting death of Trayford Pellerin at the same location last Friday, which was captured on cell phone video by a bystander.

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