[WATCH] Brooklyn Rabbi ‘Traumatized’ After Vermont Cops Forced Him to the Ground at Gunpoint and Handcuffed his Family

A New York City rabbi was traumatized when he was pulled over on a remote Vermont interstate for suspected speeding, ordered at gunpoint to lie on the ground, then handcuffed along with his wife and another son.

Yehuda Fink, the son of Rabbi Berl Fink, said Monday that his parents and teenage brother and sister thought they were targets of a terrorist attack during the late-night August 8 stop.

‘We’re talking about normal people. What in the world are you doing to them? It’s out of hand. This shouldn’t have happened in any state in the United States of America,’ Yehuda, 29, said.

Rabbi Berl Fink, of Brooklyn, was cited for attempting to elude police after traveling more than four miles before pulling over.

Berl Fink said he didn’t know he was being pulled over but once he did, tried to find a safe spot to do so, his son said.

After the car pulled over, police dashboard video shows, the trooper shouted from his cruiser for driver Rabbi Berl Fink to get out and walk backward with his hands up.

Vermont State Trooper Justin, who was holding a gun, ordered him to lie on the ground.

Thompson decided to initiate a ‘high-risk motor vehicle stop’ because he was in a rural area late at night with no immediate backup nearby, the vehicle had failed to stop, the occupants’ actions were suspicious and the vehicle had been speeding, according to the investigation said.

In such a stop, officers are trained to order the driver and passengers out of the vehicle and to have their guns drawn.

During the stop, another of the Rabbi’s son, Rabbi Eli Fink tried to get out of the vehicle, but Thompson ordered him to stay inside.

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  • Hmmm, why didn’t he pull over?

    • Said was looking for a safe place to pull over…

  • Cops did absolutely right thing. It dose not matter if they are khasidim or blacks or latinos. You are speeding? You will be trited just like this. But, simple for ev=rybody who complains for cops behavior, rabay and his son folowed cops orders and no resling or fighting was nessesary, unlike most blacks resist orders. I solute cops on this

    • So much illiteracy in this post, so little intelligence.

      • How about more intelligence than you posting in a language not your own so others can read it….assimilating I believe it’s called. Something many peoples don’t even bother to try.

        • A: I can type in five languages. Which one do you want me to use?
          B: I don’t even live in the States. I live overseas.
          C: My wife is a foreign national who types better than this and has had no former English teaching.

  • If he was afraid he could’ve waited the 3 or 4 minutes it took back up to get there . As soon as he saw who he was dealing with the walking backwards and screaming shit should’ve been over. They do it to little old ladies and kids too like we live in effin Iraq. I don’t care if it’s training they need to quit it.Also, we the public ARE TRAINED to look for a safe place to pull over2( lighted areas etc) Why does that mean nothing?

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