Watch The Most Truthful & Honest 3 Minutes In Television History

I think we can all attest to the immense popularity of television these days. While the average viewer has pulled their attention from live TV over to OnDemand platforms, the love for and obsession over television programming remains strong. I see this as a reflection of the state of not only our world in the West but also of the average person; more than simply wanting to be entertained, we enjoy being distracted from our everyday lives.

Have you ever watched a television show or movie and noticed you were becoming immersed in the characters and their stories? Perhaps there were times in your life when you may have wanted to do what you saw on TV or in a movie? Maybe you wanted your life to play out that way when it comes to a job or a relationship, or maybe you infatuated so much with characters that you started to act like them, be like them, buy posters of them, and so forth.

Don’t get me wrong — these behaviours commonly arise when we watch these forms of entertainment. After all, they are designed to engage us and have been designed well. But have you ever considered that such programs could be a very powerful means to shape public opinion and create an ideal social psychology?

You might be wondering, what do you mean an “ideal social psychology?” Well think of it this way: if you were in control of many people and you wanted to make sure they would do certain things or be okay with certain others — and, conversely, not question the world around them or look for deeper meanings in events and information — is it possible you might use forms of entertainment to help program the masses? I mean, they call it television programming for a reason.

But on the other hand, what if we could also use popular culture, or television that people watch en masse, to raise awareness in a different way — in a way that could help put an end to some of the other manipulation or programming that occurs through popular culture and instead create a more open minded, intelligent, and truth-seeking kind of audience: one that, after consuming an episode of entertaining television, would perhaps leave thinking about the world in a different way and then might hit up Google with a sense of curiosity in mind afterwards.

This leads me to what I think could be the intention of what you are about to watch below. The X-Files is a show that always intrigued me. Whether it was UFO themes or the attention to the secret and sometimes sinister actions of the government and three letter agencies, I was hooked. Although the show came to an end many years ago, it was recently brought back for a 6 episode season and I think the timing could not have been better.

Now some will argue that what is seen in the clip below is presented in such a way as to make these themes seem like science fiction, ensuring they are not taken seriously and therefore turning people away from the legitimacy of the topics and ultimately further covering them up.

On the other hand, some see it as a drop of truth in the sea of bullshit that is modern day television programming. To people who already know all about these themes, it’s exciting. To those who have only heard of them, it likely ignites their curiosity further. And to those who have never been exposed to such ideas, maybe it will inspire them to make their way over to Google for the after party.

Either way, I think given the times we are in and the amount of interest and growing knowledge there is in the subjects explored in the clip below, this is a breath of truth and honesty in an otherwise underwhelming world of meaningless TV and media programming.


Note: this was the best video compilation of this we could find so bear with the low quality.

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