We discussed EU and Europol, not Puigdemont and Catalonia, claimed Charles Michel

nsnbc : Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy met on the sidelines of the EU Social Summit in Gothenburg, Sweden, reportedly to discuss EU affairs and the Europol candidacy of De Bolle, not Catalonia or the deposed Catalan President Puigdemont who is still in Belgium. Ironically, Spain had issued a European arrest warrant for Puigdemont.

Rajoy and Michel in Sweden at EU Social Summit 2017_Belgium_SpainThe meeting between Michel and Rajoy lasted for about 20 minutes. The two heads of government discussed the candidature of the Belgian Catherine De Bolle for top job at Europol and the relocation post Brexit of two EU agencies, the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority that are currently located in the United Kingdom. A decision on these two issues will be made on Monday.

The Belgian PM also took the opportunity to show his support for Catherine De Bolle for her quest to become the new head of Europol. “This is something that I always do when I meet colleagues that have not yet expressed a preference”, Mr Michel said.

The two heads of government did not discuss the issue of Catalonia. “First and foremost because of the division of powers and secondly because there is a permanent diplomatic channel open to discuss the issue”, the Prime Minister concluded.

That said, politics is the art of the possible and very often also the art of the unannounced reciprocity or implied discussions. You was my hands I wash yours – so to speak. Those who haven’t yet fallen asleep over the Saturday morning coffee might recall that the government of Rajoy issued a European / Europol arrest warrant for Rajoy and colleagues who had fled to Belgium.

Of course Spain would like to see Puigdemont and for of his Catalan ministers extradited to Madrid and everyone concerned was following the pre-trial chamber in Belgium on Friday with great interest – It’s probably safe to say that that included Rajoy and Michel – specially designated diplomatic channels or not.

However, no ruling was made at Friday’s hearing in the Belgian capital. The Public Prosecutor demanded the European arrest warrant be exercised. The case for Puigdemont’s defence will be made at a hearing early next month. “We will make our case on December 4. The prosecutor has asked for the extradition warrant to be exercised. Nothing has been decided today,” Paul Bekaert told reporters outside the Brussels court building.

“The prosecutor had determined that according to Belgian law Puigdemont and four of his former ministers who travelled with him to Brussels were charged with conspiracy by public officials”, Mr Bekaert added. Under the Spanish warrant, all five Catalans faced charges of rebellion and sedition. They had left Spain after Puigdemont’s regional government was sacked by Madrid for unilaterally declaring Catalonia independent following a referendum on secession that court authorities in Madrid had ruled was illegal.

F/AK – nsnbc 18.11.2017

Source Article from https://nsnbc.me/2017/11/18/we-discussed-eu-and-europol-not-puigdemont-and-catalonia-claimed-charles-michel/

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