We Need to Seriously Think About Replacing Revolting Psycho-Feminist Spanish Women With Traditional Slavs

I for one would support a Great Replacement of revolting Spanish feminist whores like this cunt with traditional-minded Slavic women.

This is what the average Spanish man has to deal with on a daily basis… blisteringly arrogant and hostile femoids who spew a bunch of retarded and easily-debunked communist falsehoods about the oppression of females in a country that is overtly hostile to men.

Spain is a country that has over one hundred special courts and tribunals exclusively to judge men accused of “gender crimes” against wahmen. Under that egregious feminist “gender violence” law Spanish women file 400 false accusations of domestic violence against men every day, amounting to hundreds of thousands of false accusations per year. Women who file police accusations against men can receive 400 euros a month in a state subsidy, not for proving a claim of domestic violence, just by claiming it.

In other words, Spanish women are literally terrorizing innocent men with false accusations and the state aids and abets their filthy lies. Spain is a decrepit hell-hole of feminist anarcho-tyranny and the nigger-loving, man-hating whores keep pushing the limits, begging for more draconian laws to punish men for existing.

Spanish women are on an insidious power trip and must be stopped. Most of them are so thoroughly brainwashed with false feminist propaganda that there’s no saving them. Spain has reached the point of no return. Only a drastic reconfiguration of the state and society as a whole can change things for the better.

There is only one option to address this aggressive, malignant feminist cancer eating away at Spain: replacing Spanish women with more traditional-minded Slavic women. Once Spain imports enough Slavic women to begin breeding with white Spanish men, all Spanish women will need to be deported to one of three places:

  • Africa where they can be raped by niggers
  • the Middle East where they can be raped by sand niggers
  • Canada where they can join the Anal Orgy with sadistic faggots

Spanish women need to go. We need a Great Replacement of Spanish women with Slavic women and we need it now. Only the boomer Spanish housewives who supported Franco can stay in Spain to live out their years. The rest of the psycho-feminist millennial and Gen Z skanks can go get fucked by rapebeasts in Sub-Sahara.

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