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I wanted to take you behind the curtain a little in terms of how we do our work at Mondoweiss, and what we have planned for the new year.

Fundamentally, this site is a megaphone to share the realities of Palestine in the US, and to amplify the growing movement for Palestinian rights.

And because the movement is growing, we are growing.

I joined Mondoweiss in 2008, two years after Phil launched it. At that point, we wrote everything on the site. We now have a staff of 8 people – and even more important to me is the fact that we’ve published work from over 1,100 distinct contributors.

Simultaneously, the number of people reading those stories is growing. In the last year, 1.7 million people visited the Mondoweiss website, and nearly 5 million people interacted with us on social media. About 50% of those people live in the US, and the rest are from all over, but mainly Canada, the UK, and Israel and Palestine.

Today, I’m asking for your help to boost all of those numbers in 2022. Can you share a generous donation today, instantly matched dollar-for-dollar?

How do we do it?

80% of our $750,000 budget goes to our people: staff, and a bevy of translators, freelancers, editors, and videographers. Overwhelmingly, the money you share with us goes directly into the reporting and news you read – and increasingly watch and listen to as well.

And we will continue to grow in 2022, here are some of our plans:

  • Expanding our staff on the ground in Palestine – we want more of the incredible writing, interviews, and video work. But in large part because of the apartheid travel restrictions imposed on Palestinians, our reporters in Gaza and the West Bank can’t physically cover Jerusalem or Israel inside the 1948 borders.
  • Next-level documentaries, led by a 20 minute documentary showing what apartheid looks like up close. This exciting project features Al Haq, one of the foremost human rights organizations in Palestine that was recently named a terrorist organization by the Israeli government. As you can imagine, we keep finding examples to highlight.
  • A series on the climate crisis in Palestine. Climate is a story that every journalism project has to cover in this era – and this is especially true in Palestine where Israeli apartheid makes the challenges facing Palestinians even graver.
  • A series on Palestinian life in Lebanon- one of the hubs of the Palestinian refugee population and part of our commitment to telling those stories from every corner of the diaspora, every corner of the world were Palestinians live.

And, of course, we’re never going to take our eye off the ball of U.S. policy, and debate within the American Jewish community – these are core to everything we do, and we’re never gonna let up on them.

These are stories that help power a movement. And it all happens only because of the support you give us.

One last point worth mentioning: it’s no accident Mondoweiss is growing even when the entire news industry seems to be collapsing. It is such an honor to have become a reader-generated/reader-powered new source.

We’re in that position because you – our audience, our supporters, our community –  support the in-depth, searching, and honest journalism you want and need.

We hope you’re every bit as proud of our growth as we are, and are ready to help make 2022 our most impactful year yet.


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