Weird object spotted underwater in surfer video

Weird object spotted underwater in surfer video

Posted on Sunday, 6 June, 2021

Weird object spotted underwater in surfer video News-surfer

What is that in the water ? Image Credit: YouTube / Stay Focus Entertainment
Footage posted earlier this year on Instagram appears to show a weird shape being carried along by the waves.
The clip, which can be viewed below, shows surfer Ryland Rubens riding the waves in San Diego, Southern California as part of an entry for the Regional Wave Of The Winter competition.

While his performance on a surfboard is certainly impressive, the video ended up attracting attention for a very different reason – if you look closely on the left-hand side, it is possible to see a large object being washed along by the wave.

Some have speculated that the object could be some sort of undersea creature, while others have offered up more skeptical interpretations of the clip – instead maintaining that it is nothing but a large clump of kelp or seaweed that has been dragged up from the ocean floor.

The object certainly does look a little strange, especially given its almost spider-like appearance.

Sadly, however, it’s much more likely that it is simply a piece of kelp being carried along by the tide.

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