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My name is Zander C. Fuerza, but I have made a name for myself online as ‘Zion Crime Factory’. I am a devoted researcher, writer and political activist. Perhaps you’ve seen and/or heard of some of my work which has, for the most part, been expunged from sites like Blogger, WordPress and YouTube by the enemies of truth. My website http://zioncrimefactory.com/ contains much of my heavily suppressed work and research.

Over the past several years I have made my way through the ranks of the internet conspiracy scene, starting off as a run-of-the-mill ‘truther’ type, and ending up as a dedicated opponent of Jewish supremacism with a focus on World War II revisionism and the September 11 terror attacks. I have produced a number of short videos covering such topics as Jewish Bolshevism, Israeli terrorism, Holocaust revisionism and disinformation in the ‘truth movement’.

Having sifted through all of the muddy disinformation floating around the internet, I quickly came to the understanding that what is often referred to as the “New World Order” is in fact a “Jew World Order” — the ancient dream of Judaism to subordinate the gentiles and establish a global government under Jewish domination. I compiled much of what I have learned about this ancient Jewish conspiracy in a comprehensive essay entitled “The Jew World Order Unmasked”.

My primary goal is to inform others about what I have learned and shatter the lies that have enslaved countless minds to Zionist propaganda. I view my work as a warning call to the world about the perilous threat that International Jewry poses to our civilization. I hope to one day see Jewish supremacist power dissipate into obscurity, and that all of the nations and peoples who have been negatively impacted by Jewish hegemony be compensated for their suffering.


All articles and essays authored by Zander C. Fuerza that appear on this website are copywritten material. Websites and individuals can reproduce my written works as long as they provide the name of Zander C. Fuerza and a link to www.zioncrimefactory.com.

© 2013 Zander C. Fuerza

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2 Responses to “Welcome to ZionCrimeFactory.com”

  1. Terry says:

    I would like to have a copy of your essay ‘The Jew World order unmasked’ but the link above does not work. I have read your book on 9/11 it is great.

  2. Hadel Toma says:

    Your website above the link takes me to a asian site

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