Were ISIS Or ‘Moderate’ Terrorists Behind Wave Of Bombings In Syria?


On Monday a series of coordinated and organized bombings across the Syrian coast left more than 100 people dead.

There has been little or  no mention of the Syrian attacks other than ISIS being the group responsible and there was no mass expression of condolences or solidarity with Syria as was seen during the Paris or Belgian terror attacks.

The attacks took place in Tartus and Jobleh at a time when the  areas were expected to be crowded with civilians. Russian bases are located in both the cities which are loyal to the Syrian government. But which terrorist group was behind the attacks and why is is important to know?

Activist Post reports:

While Western media is reporting that ISIS is responsible for the attack, citing another report from Amaq, a “news agency” associated with Daesh and curiously allowed to operate despite the West maintaining the most sophisticated surveillance and electronic warfare state on the planet, where the terrorist organization allegedly took credit for the bombings. The attacks also come after an alleged ISIS spokesman, Abu Mohammed al-Adnai allegedly urged fighters to increase the frequency of suicide attacks since the group is suffering numerous defeats in head-on battle situations. Adnai’s call was allegedly issued before the weekend.

Syrian media, however, is reporting that Ahrar al-Sham is the party responsible for the bombing.

The question of which terrorist organization is responsible for the bombing is incredibly important in terms of international politics and could have far-reaching effects on the geopolitical scene. Ever since the recent “ceasefire” agreement that excludes ISIS and Nusra, Syria and Russia have argued that Ahrar al-Sham is also a terrorist organization and should therefore also be excluded. However, the United States is refusing to label Ahrar al-Sham, one of the organizations that make up the bulk of the so-called “Syrian opposition,” as a terrorist group.

If the responsible party was indeed Ahrar al-Sham, then the United States can chalk up one more horrific atrocity to their publicly-supported pets and will be faced with a difficult row to hoe in front of the rest of the world as the bankrupt U.S. administration inevitably tries to obfuscate and defend the terrorist group.

But Syria and Russia do not necessarily need to point to the bombings in Tartus and Jabla as an example of why Ahrar al-Sham is a terrorist organization nor do they need to prove that Ahrar al-Sham was the guilty party. The terrorist group has already committed untold numbers of atrocities in Syria against soldiers and civilians (See here for video evidence). After all, there is absolutely no difference between Ahrar al-Sham and ISIS besides a mere name. They both have the same goal of Sharia. They both hate minorities, Christians, Alawites, Shiites, etc. They both torture. They both rape. We could go on and on.

We should also mention that the United States and NATO support both organizations. For public relations needs, however, the U.S. can claim that Ahrar al-Sham is the good, “moderate” terrorist organization that is fighting for democratic jihadism. But when an atrocity is committed that gains attention in the media, ISIS – the bad extremist terrorist organization fighting for extreme jihadism – can immediately take both the credit and the blame.

It’s very much like a movie script, but the script resembles that of a sequel that has gone through so many presentations that not only are the scenes predictable but the actors are wholly unconvincing and the plot entirely unbelievable. Unfortunately, the crisis bears another uncanny resemblance to a bad movie script – the American people eat it up without question.

Source Article from http://yournewswire.com/were-isis-or-moderate-terrorists-behind-wave-of-bombings-in-syria/

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