What American City or US base will be Sacrificed to Jump Start Wars for Israel?

My guess is that some Midwest farming community will be hit the same way Beirut was, with some sub-nuke missile or bomb, then blamed on Iran and Syria, giving the Zio-Con war mongers the excuse they need to jump start the never ending Wars for Wall Street & Israel. They might even lie that some white boy helped them so they can start rounding up white people who the FBI claim are more dangerous than the CIA/MI6/Mossad creation of ISIS.

The US Congress Knesset has passed laws mandating funding go towards wiping out those dangerous white people, with most of the money going to Jew organizations which then spend the money on everything except security, cause they know their bitches in Congress will gladly provide more shekels to fund domestic terrorism units in the FBI, DHS, NSA & Dept of Justice, you know that department that ignores Silicon Valley shitting all over our Freedom of Speech & ignoring the blatant evidence of ballot thefts. 

The same CIA that claims to be the most open intelligence op on the planet. No, I’m not drunk or high, but if I keep reading these BS lies, I might take a snort. 
Ha ha ha…Tell me OPEN CIA, was it one of UR assassins that killed Pat Tillman or did you sub that hit out? Getting 3 shots to the forehead is NOT friendly fire. 
Just look at all these white bois picked up on kiddie rape charges. Yes its obvious that white bois are a threat.

When that American city or US base is blasted to rubble, we’ll see the mouth-breathing MSM rant on endlessly about how it was Iran & Syria and off we go to more bloodshed, grief & mass murders.

While we’re bombing Syria & Iran, Israel will finish off Gaza, the West Bank & attack southern Lebanon to steal the ME’s most valuable asset, water from Lebanon’s River Litani to keep those Tel Aviv swimming pools filled & their lawns green. 

What is one to do with a well-organized mob of war mongering perverts who control the MSM, Hollywood, the three biggest social media outlets, Congress, the WH & the Pentagon? 
All of this bloody mayhem goes back to the Israeli masterminded 9/11 false flag that put America on the road to endless Wars for Wall Street & Israel. Until that is exposed for what it really was, nothing will change. 
9/11 Truth ends the global police state. 9/11 Truth ends 9/11 endless wars of pillage. 9/11 Truth ends the “Muslim boogieman” pretext for the so-called “war on terror.” 9/11 Truth ends the rule of the banking/drug/military-intelligence cartel. 9/11 Truth ends Israeli (Rothschild city of London) plans to establish an empire of Asia Minor c/o of the late, great, irradiated United States. 9/11 Truth ends the concocted ‘Clash of Civilizations’ meant to divide and destroy organized religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Torah Judaism) and elevate the religion of the elite, the occult. 9/11 Truth ends the global depopulation agenda. 9/11 Truth ends the Satanic NWO.
That why we will never hear 9/11 truth unless we do a repeat of 1776 & shut down the illegal FED & those TBTF Wall Street banks & print our own debt & interest free paper money. 
P.S Since Joogle and the rest of the severely comprised web browsers are basically worthless, nearly every time only listing MSM propaganda outlets, I recommend going to those still not comprised by Zionist bullshit, like BRAVE or Dissenter or even the Russian browser, Yandex. 
Yes, just anudda’ pancake collapse of a building, except I’ve been on the scene of ACTUAL pancake collapses and the building does NOT explode prior to collapsing.

Keep fighting like your life depended on it, because it DOES. If not for yourself, then for our progeny who need adults to protect them from the ravages of the alt left, PANTIFA (always in a bunch) the totally bullshit outfit BLM & the rancid MSM. Don’t let that precious responsibility in the hands Pedo Joe & Mad Dog Harris

I’m sure Pedo Joe will be an America first prez…ha ha ha. He’s been bought & sold so many times, he doesn’t know who his current owner is.

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