What is a Jew and What Should Be Done With/About Them

I get very tired of the Jew cult bull s#it.
So did my great grandfather type Edward the 1st.
He kicked them out of England in 1290 AD for gang raping little English boys, draining their blood to use in their Heather rituals.

My 2nd cousin George Washington considered kicking the New York Jews out of America.

But they swore they would be loyal to America and behave themselves, which of course was a Jew Cult lie.

Below is an email I received and my reply.

“Hi John,
I have been reading your blogs now for a couple of months and am impressed by your research. Especially about the Kazarian Jews.

My question; If God will protect Israel against any and all invaders (because they are the chosen people), then how can we go to war with Israel to wipe out the Kazarians and how do we know which Jews not to kill?”

My reply:

The biblical Hebrews and Judeans are not the same people as the Jews of today.
The Jews of today are not in anyway descended from the biblical Hebrews or judeans.

The closest living relatives of the biblical Hebrew and Judea peoples are Islamic Yemen peoples which Khazarian “Israel” and their bitch the USA are Holocausting.

Jew is not a sub race of the human race, but a membership in a religious cult, same as Baptist and Catholics.

God never promised anything to the red Russian Khazarians who converted to the Judaic religious cult in the year 0740 AD, in the steppes of modern Russia and Ukraine.

The “star of David” is actually the sign of the Egyptian sun god Ra.
If King David had the sign of the sun god Ra on his shield, he cerainnaly was not a member of the Jew cult.
The Jew cult was a later religious cult taken up by the Judeans after they turned their backs on El Elyon, the Most High God of the biblical Israelites and Judeans at the time of King David and King Solomon

When they cooked up the Jew cult religion they wrote the Most High God El Elyon out of their history and substituted Yahweh as God, who was the son of El Elyon and the protecting “angel” of Israel and Judea at the times of Kings David and Solomon.

They then put words in Yahweh’s mouth ordering them to rape, rob and murder everyone who was not a cult member.

No Jew who identifies as a Jew can be trusted as they identify as a cult member before anything else.
Their first loyalty is to the Jew cult and not their host people or country.

One of my best friend is a Khazarian, but he is not a Jew.
He despises the cult and identifies as a Texican.
He did identify as an American but as the USA is now controlled by the cult, and is making war on America and Americans, Jew USA is the enemy of Americans who wish to be free.


By the way, Semitic means a people who speak a Semitic language, such as the Palestinians and Yemens.

Neither Russian or Yiddish is a Semitic language.

Care to educate yourself on how these FAKES came to be FALSLY considered Hebrews because they mass infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus in the Steppes of modern day Russia and Ukraine?

‘The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage’

“All original edition. Nothing added, nothing removed. This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism. Khazaria was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. To the general reader the Khazars, who flourished from the 7th to 11th century, may seem infinitely remote today. Yet they have a close and unexpected bearing on our world, which emerges as Koestler recounts the fascinating history of the ancient Khazar Empire. At about the time that Charlemagne was Emperor in the West. The Khazars’ sway extended from the Black Sea to the Caspian, from the Caucasus to the Volga, and they were instrumental in stopping the Muslim onslaught against Byzantium, the eastern jaw of the gigantic pincer movement that in the West swept across northern Africa and into Spain. Thereafter the Khazars found themselves in a precarious position between the two major world powers: the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium and the triumphant followers of Mohammed. As Koestler points out, the Khazars were the Third World of their day. They chose a surprising method of resisting both the Western pressure to become Christian and the Eastern to adopt Islam. Rejecting both, they converted to Judaism. Mr. Koestler speculates about the ultimate faith of the Khazars and their impact on the racial composition and social heritage of modern Jewry. He produces detailed research to support a theory which could make the term ‘anti-Semitism’ become void of meaning.”

It is hard to comprehend but the run of the mill red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian is a victim of the Rothschilds and the evil they represent also.

From babies they are told lies of how they are a “race” which God chose to rule the world and “lesser races”.

Once they have been infected with the Zionist Zombie virus, there is no saving them from themselves.
They will believe the lies of the evil bastards who infected them with the Zionist Zombie virus until the day they die.

I am not for blowing Israel off the face of the earth.
The land belongs to the Palestinians and should be returned to them.

I am not for slaughtering the rabid virus infected Khazarian Jew Cult members.

I would suggest a more human way of handling this Zionist Zombie virus pandemic is to find a large Island far away from any continent.

Gather the Jew cult members.
Sterilize them so they can not reproduce to infect future generations.
Put them on the island, give them means to fish and farm.
Have no outside communications, going in or out.
Let them live until they die of old age or natural causes.

The Island would have to be watched so no one could escape, and trying to escape would be an automatic death penalty.
An outsider trying to help a virus infected cult member escape would also be an automatic death penalty.

The ring leaders such as the Ratschild and Rockefeller clans of course should be tried for their mass murders and crimes against humanity.

I suggest common law courts run by Palestinians.

Most humane way I know of stopping the Zionist Zombie Virus pandemic.

When one has a cancer, if it is not cut out it will infect the whole body and the whole body will die.

If humanity is to be saved from extinction, the cancer of the Jew Cult Zionist Zombie Virus Pandemic MUST be dealt with.

The Ole Dog!


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