Those who have gone down many rabbit holes looking for answers and truth know the creator God is female.

Males can not produce new life.
Males have a tiny little back seat role in creating new life.
A male can protect the mother to be, the mother once the new life enters this world, protect the new life, provide for both, give emotional support to both to create a balanced family setting.

Males can not bring forth new life.

The Judaic cult is an adulteration of the most high God and religious beliefs of the times of King David and King Solomon, but even in it’s adulterated form the Feminine “sprit” in the Holy of Holy places in the Temple is recognized.

The slave religion of the Romans, the adulterated form of Christianity practiced today, the Feminine Creator God is right there in your face disguised as the Virgin Mary.

In both cases, the Enlightened few understand the Feminine spirt in the Temple and the Virgin Mary is the Feminine Creator God in disguise.

The Fleur-de-lis used on the Capet French Royals flag, on churches, on jewelry, in art is a representation of a women female plumbing.

It is not meant to be vulgar, nasty or risqué.
It is meant to be the glorification of the Feminine Creator God, and glorifying the role of women in bringing new life into this world.

The Celtic cross speaks both of reincarnation and the role of the female in that process as well as honoring the Feminine Creator God.

The circle represents a woman’s womb.
The snake which circles the world in Viking historical history represents reincarnation while honoring the Feminine Creator God and honoring the role of women as life givers and mothers.

There are those evil ones, freaks of nature, God haters who apply the tern Illuminati to themselves but they spiritually blind as bats in bright sun light who make war on God, Nature, Humanity.

They are the ones putting the poison of there being more than two genders, male and female into uneducated people’s heads.

They are the ones trying to make anal sex with little children acceptable.

They are the soul-less ones encouraging homosexuality, trannism and any other perversion of Nature they in their diseased virus eaten minds dream up.

Women, females minds/emotions/reasoning work completely different than males.
Anyone man who has ever had a mother, dated/married a women knows this.

Males and females balance each other out.
Either gender should not be the ruler or boss of the other, but part of a team to get through this life on this rock.

As the words of the wedding song say;

A man shall leave his mother and a women leave her home;
They shall travel on to where the two shall be as one;

Nature made us male and female.

It is said I once rebelled against God, thinking I knew better than God how things should work and be.
Walking through the tempering fires of pain, heartbreak, war and disappointment on this rock has taught me the wisdom above my understanding of Nature and how things should work dictated by God.

The laws of Nature are there for the benefit of all living things.
They are not discriminatory or punishment.

He or she who fights against God/Nature has lost already.

The Ole Dog!



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