What is an “Anti-Fascist”?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2016


What the hell is going on with these guys? Do they think this is cool?

Following the events of the Battle of Sacramento, I was interested in looking at what exactly is going through the minds of the anti-fascist (“antifa”) faggots who rushed the place and got all stabbed-up.Daily-Stormer-Selection_172Daily-Stormer-Selection_172

I had to look no further than Reddit, where I found a thread on /r/socialist discussing the event. I highly recommend that everyone go skim through that thread, just to get an idea of where these people’s heads are at.

I suppose it’s what I would have expected if I had spent a lot of time thinking it through. Basically, they live in a delusional fantasy world where the mainstream media is part of a fascist apparatus which supports Neo-Nazi White Supremacists.


For those who don’t know, the antifa are a violent wing of the social justice movement. Most of them are White, though they ally with brown people when they engage in terrorist attacks, and their leaders are presumably mostly Jews.

They self-identify more aggressively as “communist” than most SJWs are likely to, but their philosophy is the same:

  • Anti-White/pro-Black/pro-immigrant
  • Anti-male/feminist
  • Anti-free speech/pro-censorship
  • Anti-family/pro-homosexual/pro-tranny
  • Anti-Christian/pro-Islam
  • etc.

Just on down the line, they support all of the positions of the elite Jewish establishment, the government, the university system and so on.

At the same time, they want to identify as being rebellious. It’s an extremely difficult position to be in – to support all of the positions of the establishment, but also somehow feel like you’re a rebel.

Basically then, because the “rebel” angle can’t come from their politics, it comes from violent, illegal actions to shut down the freedom of speech of those who disagree with the government.

The idea is that the government simply isn’t aggressive enough in shutting down its opponents, which then fuels a conspiracy theory that the government secretly supports right-wing groups, otherwise they would be actively murdering anyone who thinks differently.


None of this is especially intuitive in any way, leading most people to give up on trying to understand the phenomenon.

If an alien were watching the planet earth, and had never heard of these antifa, then saw them attacking a right-wing rally held in a country with an extreme left-wing government, the alien would assume they were part of a state police operation.

They only appear when people disagree with the government, for the express purpose of violently silencing dissidents.


From my own observations of the antifa phenomenon, I believe that most of the rank and file – the White heterosexual males, I mean – are just confused and like the idea of going out on the streets and fighting for something. It is natural enough, to want to fight for something. What is unnatural is to want to fight against your own interests.

Most of them are obviously from affluent backgrounds, and thus don’t necessarily understand their own interests in the way working class Whites do. So it makes sense it’s taking them a while to really catch on.

I think that as we continue to win fights against them, many of the White male members will begin switching sides.

And when they do, we will embrace them as lost brothers who have finally made their way home.

The best way to expedite that process is by pointing out that they are shills for the elite, and drawing attention to how totally uncool this is.

Hail Victory.

Source Article from http://www.dailystormer.com/what-is-an-anti-fascist/

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