What passes for Justice in New York today: The case of Sean Dix

What passes for Justice in New York today: The case of Sean Dix


by Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. (with endorsements from Stephen E. Godfrey, M.D., Steve Koehler, MPH, Ph.D., Sheriff Richard Mack, Michael J. Norvell, Ph.D., DABT, ERT, and Alen J. Salerian, M.D.)

“The issue of whether the complainant did or did not attempt to murder the defendant is [not] in any way a material issue at this trial”–Judge Robert Mandelbaum

Sean DixFor the past three years, I have spoken with Sean Dix virtually every day, sometimes for a few minutes, other times for hours. We have had at least 1,000 of these conversations. I have never known a man of greater intelligence, moral courage and total honesty.

His case is so unusual and represents such a perversion of ordinary standards of law enforcement and justice that I have published three articles about it here at Veterans Today. Each of them sheds light on this case, which otherwise defies rationality and common sense.

The first, “Flossing can be Murder: Inventor becomes Victim” with Sean Dix (11 October 2011), we laid out the basics of his invention of a device to deliver sterile dental floss, which J&J had falsely claimed to have done for nearly a century.

Were that fact to be exposed, J&J might well face liability suits for consumer fraud and medical malpractice that could exceed billions of dollars. That J&J had motive to take Sean out makes J&J the prime suspect behind his attempted murder.

In the second, “Sean Dix and Flouride: The Hidden Assassin” with Mary Sparrowdancer (16 October 2012), in which we explained that the federal government is mass medicating approximately 70% of the US population by placing the toxic HAZMAT chemical known as “fluoride” in their drinking water. This experiment is in violation of the Nuremburg Code, without individual informed consent and ignores and belittles protestors.

The third, “NYC DA Conducts Vendetta against Inventor – Target of Murder Attempt” (8 December 2013), was especially notable by publishing an impeccable legal summary of the case against Sean Dix, composed by his then-attorney Robert T. Perry. I would have thought anyone who read this brilliant summation would recognize the grotesque abuse of position, miscarriage of justice and dereliction of duty exuding from its every facet. I can’t imagine a more unjust and appalling case.

Now Sean Dix is being dragged into court again for the 22nd hearing or trial on what is a second false complaint by his dentist, the first of which was dismissed. As I read the evidence, she poisoned him using a fluoride-benzene compound, where Sean Dix is being maliciously prosecuted for having distributed a letter to her colleagues and neighbors–after she had brazenly invited Sean to join her on linkedin in an apparent effort to compromise his position by joining in a social relationship.

The trial of Sean Dix begins

On Monday, 10 November 2014, the trial of Sean Dix began. During jury selection, the prosecutor outlined the case as one of stalking, aggravated harassment and resisting arrest, where upon a prospective woman juror burst into tears, explaining that she had been the target of stalking and it had been a traumatic experience. I told Sean that this sounded like a plant to me, where when his dentist is called to testify, she will similarly burst into tears. The situation is right out of Kafka, where there is a complete inversion of reality with illusion being perpetrated by the DA, apparently in collusion with the Court.

The prosecutor then went on to claim that Sean believes he has been the victim of an attempted poisoning, but that he suffers from paranoid delusions about conspiracies and fluoride, omitting that there is nothing remotely irrational about his belief, which has been substantiated by a dozen experts, lab reports and forensic linguistic analysis. And as I have observed to Sean, Lancet, which is the oldest medical journal in the world, has recently classified fluoride as a neurotoxin, which means that, even in relation to the DA’s implication that he is some kind of “conspiracy nut”, the evidence is on his side.

Lancet reports fluorid as neurotoxinLancet reports fluorid as neurotoxin

In support of the allegation of stalking, the DA introduced some images that Sean had taken from Diana Deaden’s facebook page as part of his efforts to imply that there was something improper about his gathering information from public sources about the woman who attempted to murder him.  The DA has taken three of the photos in Sean’s possession and printed them out as 8″x10″ glossies, which Sean had never done, which looks like manufacturing evidence to me.

Deidan Screen Grab #1ADeidan Screen Grab #1A

The prosecution has already committed multiple fallacies, including special pleading (by citing only that part of the evidence that is favorable to your case and excluding the rest) and straw man (by exaggerating his conduct, which under the circumstances has been extremely disciplined and appropriate) and ad hominem attacks (by making an exemplar of rationality to be suffering from mental instability). Special pleading qualifies as proper practice for defense attorneys, but not for the District Attorney, which has a higher obligation of seeking justice on behalf of the People of New York, which, there can be no doubt, it is grossly betraying in this case.

Maliciously prosecuting the victim

Sean Dix long since informed the District Attorney of the evidence in his case, which Robert T. Perry so brilliantly summarizes, where he sent his letter in order to warn them of her presence and to request any information they may have in their possession about her, where Judge Mandelbaum has declared that the circumstances of the event that led to this do not matter and are not material. Since the DA and the Judge are aware of the circumstances of this case, the trial of the victim for attempting to seek justice is clearly malicious:


Use Complaint Part 1Use Complaint Part 1
Use Complaint Part 2Use Complaint Part 2
The defendant is guilty of the crime of harassment (allegedly aggravated, in this instance), however, only if his actions served “no legitimate purpose”, where his actions would qualify as legitimate if, for example, he had formed the sincere belief that she had attempted to assassinate him by poisoning him, where the evidence that Sean has accumulated provides a massive prima facie case that that is indeed the case.

If he had no such “sincere belief”, then he would have had no legitimate purpose to distribute his letter. But if he had a”sincere belief”, then he would have had a legitimate purpose to distribute his letter. I therefore conclude that Judge Mandelbaum is either being overly precise (since the case is not one of attempted murder, thought it should be against Diana Deidan) or has already made up his mind that the defendant is guilty–regardless of the evidence.

The affidavit of Dr. Steven Koehler

All of the experts’ conclusions are based upon the initial forensic test results coupled with the statements made by Diana Deidan, which Sean tape recorded, which led him to understand that he had in fact been deliberately and near fatally poisoned.  Here is yet another, which offers further substantiation of the maliciousness of the prosecution in this case. Dr. Steven A. Koehler, a forensic epidemiologist, has expressed his utter dismay at the exclusions of highly qualified expert witnesses from testifying at Sean’s trial:

Koehler affidvait Page 1Koehler affidvait Page 1Koehler affidavit Page 2Koehler affidavit Page 2

Koehler affidavit Page 3Koehler affidavit Page 3

Sean’s attorney, Jess Berkowitz, has refused to support the admission of Koehler’s testimony on the ground that it was not available to Sean prior to the distribution of his letter 12 February 2012. But all of the expert opinions concluding the same reality–of a deliberate and near fatal poisoning–only add weight to Sean’s state of mind at the time he was seeking to ascertain what substance Deidan poisoned him with.

Consider the absurdity of the situation. Sean Dix was poisoned by his dentist. She has refused his repeated efforts to learn the substance with which he was poisoned in order to take steps that are appropriate to salvage his own life. His own attorney, Jess Berkowitz, is not only documenting his lack of knowledge of the law but obstructing his legal right to an adequate defense against false charges of aggravated harassment, which is why Sean has sought his dismissal.

Tried and convicted in the press

The New York Post has published a series of articles attacking Sean and presenting a completely one-sided view of the evidence, when Sean has put together the most extraordinary proof of an attempted murder in the history of New York City. They include experts across many different fields, including forensic pathology, toxicology, assassinations and conspiracies, psychiatric consultant to the FBI, law enforcement expert, and two licensed dentists, but you would learn none of this from The Post, which mocks the very idea Sean’s experts would confirm:

Post article 17 November 2014Post article 17 November 2014

What is most shocking about the situation is that the prosecutor left the same impression in the minds of the members of the jury, who had no indication that Sean Dix had assembled a powerful set of experts, who were ready and willing to testify, but were bared from doing so by the Court.

Witnesses the Court would not allow

Bear in mind that the prosecutor represents The People in Courts of Law and has the higher obligation of seeking justice, not winning a case. In this instance, however, the prosecutor has employed the method of selection and elimination, selecting the evidence that supports a predetermined conclusion and eliminating the rest.

The extent of the duplicity of the prosecution and the Court in this case extends to conveying the impression that Sean Dix was at liberty to call his expert witnesses, when all parties knew that the Court had ruled that he would not be allowed to call any of them, leaving his mother as the only witnessed permitted. As attorney Robert T. Perry explained in the legal summary he prepared for the Court, Mr. Dix intends to offer testimony from the following expert witnesses in support of his position that he was poisoned by Dr. Deidan on December 21, 2009:

(a) Stephen E. Godfrey, M.D., Medical Director, PathCounsel Pathology Legal Consultation, P.O. Box 270328, St. Louis, Missouri 63127: Dr. Godfrey, who is a forensic pathologist, will testify that hyperfluorosis is a recognized medical toxicologic entity with potentially fatal consequences, for which there have been reports of accidental and homicidal death in the forensic literature for decades, and that based upon the symptoms described by Mr. Dix and a review of the tests done on Mr. Dix’s urine, Mr. Dix suffered near fatal fluoride poisoning, raising serious concern that the poisoning was premeditated — not accidental — and strongly suggesting that the People should be prosecuting Dr.Deidan for attempted murder, not Mr. Dix. See Exs. V-W.

(b) Michael J. Norvell, Ph.D., DABT, ERT, European (UK) Registered Toxicologist, 4449 Country View Drive, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18902: Dr. Norvell, who is a board certified toxicologist, will testify that the symptoms described by Mr. Dix and the test results on Mr. Dix’s urine strongly suggest that he has experienced both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) toxic responses to a fluoride exposure that almost killed him, that it is reasonable to conclude that Dr. Deidan purposely administered a toxic mixture into his sublingual cavity, causing near fatal acute and subsequent fluoride poisoning, and that Dr. Deidan’s refusal to explain what she used on Mr. Dix is as criminal as the act of administering the substance itself. See Exs. X-Y.

(c) James Fetzer, Ph.D., Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota: Professor Fetzer is an expert on assassinations and conspiracies who has written extensively on those subjects. He will testify that most assassinations and conspiracies are economic, that based upon his review of the evidence that Mr. Dix will offer trial, including the test results on Mr. Dix’s urine and the threats made to Mr. Dix’s life, he has no doubt that Mr. Dix was the victim of an assassination attempt orchestrated by Johnson & Johnson. See Exs. Z-AA. Professor Fetzer will be unable to attend a trial during the week of November 18, 2013, as he is the moderator and keynote speaker at a conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

(d) Alen J. Salerian, Psychiatrist, M.D.: The founder and medical director of The Salerian Center for Neuroscience and Pain and the former chief consultant to the FBI’s Psychiatric Emergency Response Team, Dr. Salerian will testify based on his review of the evidence that Mr. Dix will offer at trial, including the symptoms described by Mr. Dix and the test results on Mr. Dix’s urine, that there is a 90 percent chance that Dr. Deidan is a dangerous and intelligent person with an extraordinary mind to design a complex murder. See Exs. BB-CC.

(e) Sheriff Richard Mack: A graduate of Brigham Young University, Sheriff Mack has more than 20 years of law enforcement experience. Sheriff Mack worked for the Provo, Utah police department for 11 years, eventually attaining the rank of detective. From 1988 to 1997, Sheriff Mack was the elected sheriff of Graham County, Arizona. Sheriff Mack will testify that the NYPD should have accepted Mr. Dix’s criminal complaint against Dr. Deidan, as every citizen has a right to file a criminal complaint and the police have an obligation to investigate that complaint. See Ex. DD.

(f) Marshall Dicker, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.: Dr. Dicker is a dentist licensed to practice in the State of New York. Dr. Dicker will testify that Mr. Dix came to him for treatment in 2010, that he called Dr. Deidan to request Mr. Dix’s dental records, and that Dr. Deidan was less than truthful in denying that she ever gave Mr. Dix fluoride. See Ex. EE.

(g) Isaac Datikashvili, D.D.S.: A dentist licensed to practice in the State of New York, Dr. Datikashvili will testify that he saw Mr. Dix as an emergency patient on January 31, 2010 for a severe toothache in the upper right quadrant, that he took a panoramic x-ray, and that he extracted Mr. Dix’s upper right wisdom tooth. Dr. Datikashvili will also testify he detected no decay radiographically or clinically on Mr. Dix’s lower anterior teeth and saw no evidence of a filling. See Ex. FF.

As Perry also explained, with the exception of Sheriff Mack, the above individuals are not only expert witnesses but also material fact witnesses. As already noted, the People are prosecuting Mr. Dix in part for distributing a flyer to other tenants in Dr. Deidan’s office building in Manhattan and her neighbors in New Jersey. Mr. Dix relied on and quoted from many of the above individuals in that flyer.

Both Drs. Dicker and Datikashvili treated Mr. Dix following his visit to Dr. Deidan on December 21, 2009. Dr. Dicker requested Mr. Dix’s dental records from and spoke to Dr. Deidan concerning Mr. Dix. Dr. Datikashvili detected no decay radiographically or clinically and saw no filling on Mr. Dix’s lower anterior teeth, where Dr. Deidan had told Mr. Dix there was decay on December 21, 2009, prior to injecting a harsh liquid under his tongue.

Justice in New York City

On 11 November 2014, a jury of six young men found Sean Dix guilty of all charges after a trial that was as much a parody of the judicial process as the reports about the trial in The New York Post. The situation is completely absurd. Sean was so diligent in attempting to solve the mystery of the substance with which he had been poisoned–which, after all, continues its corrosive effects and which will eventually kill him–and had been so diligent in preserving his urine samples from the following day that I had observed to him more than once that this has to be the most copiously documented case of attempted murder in history. But that was not going to defeat the District Attorney of New York from dismantling his case, which was done by the efficient technique of selection and elimination, selecting the evidence that supported a predetermined conclusion and eliminating the rest.

At doing that, the Court, the prosecutor and even Sean’s defense counsel proved to be extremely adept. The Judge ruled that none of Sean’s expert witnesses would be allowed to testify and even managed to exclude his uncle, who had received a threat from a man who said he was working for J&J who told him how easy it would be to make Sean disappear–which they had on tape! When Deidan testified that Sean had called the day after and threatened her–they had it on tape! When it was played in court (one of the few of some 1,500 files Sean had accumulated in the course of his investigation), it was apparent that Diana Deidan was the one who had threatened Sean–which was also clear to Dr. John Olsson, the world’s leading forensic linguist, in studies which he sent to Sean but which, like the rest of the mountain of evidence he had acquired, was also excluded from presentation during the trial.

The Assistant District Attorney, Joseph Giovannetti, argued that Sean had simply made the whole thing up to infused his otherwise meaningless life with a token of significance and–which was the core of his case–that there was no evidence to substantiate these bizarre claims, where Sean had combed the world looking for “conspiracy theorists” who would support them. Given the quality and prominent of the experts Sean had assembled, where Robert T. Perry had made such a brilliant summation of their qualifications and proposed testimony, I have been forced to conclude this astounding miscarriage of justice has to have extremely deep roots within the intelligence apparatus of the US government and that Sean had been targeted for assassination because he knew too much about J&J and posed the threat of an unprecedented lawsuit for consumer fraud and medical malpractice.

That he survived at all was a minor miracle attributable to his having been on an unusual vegan diet and having prepared and drunk a large fruit smoothie when he began to feel ill. As I have elsewhere explained, conspiracies are as American as apple pie. Most in this country are economic, as this one appears to be. Recruiting dentists as assassins is a brilliant stroke, especially when the mix of toxic chemicals used to take out targets are undetectable by normal laboratory screening. It must have dumbfounded the ops involved in this when Sean learned that this was a custom blend of fluoride and benzene, which has to have been designed to commit murders where the cause of death would accordingly remain “unknown”. I believe that Dr. Deidan threatened to expose the whole network unless she was protected. Having failed to kill Sean outright, those involved recruited the Office of the District Attorney of the City of New York to finish the job–by means of what may be the most corrupt trial in the history of the United States.

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer, has published three collections of studies on the death of JFK and co-edits the on-line journal for advanced study of his assassination with John P. Costella, Ph.D., at assassinationresearch.com.

Stephen E. Godfrey, M.D., is a forensic pathologist. Steve Koehler, MPH, Ph.D., is a forensic epidemiologist. Michael J. Norvell, Ph.D., DABT, ERT, is a registered toxicologist. Alen J. Salerian, M.D., is the former Chief Psychiatric Consultant to the FBI. John Olsson, Ph.D., the forensic linguist, has reaffirmed his conclusions, based upon the tape recording of their conversation, that it was not Sean Dix who threatened Diana Deidan but she who threatened him during that exchange. Sheriff Richard Mack stands by his declaration that the NYPD should have accepted Sean Dix’s criminal complaint for attempted murder against Dr. Deidan, as every citizen has a right to file a criminal complaint. The NYPD had an obligation to investigate, which to this day the NYC DA has refused to do. It was their failure to perform their duty that led to the obscene events recorded here.

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2 Responses to “What passes for Justice in New York today: The case of Sean Dix”

  1. John Olsson says:

    The above article quotes me as claiming that Dr Deidan threatened Mr Dix. I never said that. I sad that based on the tape I listened to of a conversation which took place on 29 April 2014, that Mr Dix had not, in my view, threatened Dr Deidan. My views have been distorted.

  2. Jim Fetzer says:

    A point of clarification: The position I attributed to John Olsson, Ph.D., in the text and signature is not quite right. The text should read instead, “it was apparent that Sean Dix had not threatened Diana Deidan–which was also clear to Dr. John Olsson, the world’s leading forensic linguist, in studies which he sent to Sean but which, like the rest of the mountain of evidence he had acquired, was also excluded from presentation during the trial.” And the signature should read instead, “John Olsson, Ph.D., the forensic linguist, has reaffirmed his conclusion, based upon the tape recording of their conversation, that Sean Dix did not threatened Diana Deidan during that exchange.” These were my mistakes of interpretation. I appreciate publishing this correction.

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