What the flock? Sheep walk around in a circle ‘for TWELVE DAYS without stopping

Kinda like the American sheep.

When Jesus the Christ called the sheeple sheep, it was NOT a term of endearment.

I have come to understand why Lucifer was punished for giving knowledge to sheep who could not understand the ramifications of that knowledge.

The closet yankee queer atheist communist shyster rail road lawyer war criminal Lincoln

killed the Revolutionaries Volunteer Union replacing it with a mandatory Marxist Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic”.

And the America sheep have walked around in circles bleating their happiness for being “free” for the last 160 years.

Woodrow Wilson dragged the America people into the Rothschilds pre-planed Usury European bankers World War 1, and the America sheep bleat praises of the treasonous banker’s bitch.

Communist FDR dragged America into the Rothschild’s pre-planned Usury European bankers World War 2,

and the America sheep walk around in circles and bleat his praises.

Each of these wars had nothing to do with America (FDR backed Japan into a corner with economic sanctions to force them to attack US Military in Hawaii as an excuse to go to war).

The USA kept North and South Korea from holding elections which would have joined the two as one country, sent out death squads to murder Koreas advocating for the election, so the USA could drag the America sheep into a war none of their business which the USA managed to lose anyway.

And the America sheep wave the flag, bleat and walk in circles.

The USA kept North and South Viet Nam from holding the election which would have joined the country without war, then lied and said North Viet Nam gun boats attacked a US Navy ship which had no damn business sneaking around North Viet Nam’s waters anyway.

So USA once again sent America sheep to kill and to die in a made up war based on USA lies which the USA managed to lose.
And the sheep wave the flag and walk in circles.

On 11 September 2001, USA/DC helped Israel attack America at New York, Holocausting 3,000 Americas.

The USA lied to the American sheep saying it was “Arabs” with “box cutters” who brought down three buildings in controlled demolition, one which was never touched by a plane.

The very stupid America sheep marched around in circles, waved the flag and sent their lambs to murder children in lands which never attacked America, while the USA sent the sheep’s tax monies to the evil shit hole Israel, which has attacked America and Americans again and again.

The America sheep walk in circles waving the flag while bleating, vote for degenerates who rape God’s little children, blow them up with bombs, love trannies, queers, pedophiles and a bunch who hates America and has sworn to destroy America.

Some years back I stopped asking God to protect and bless America/Americans.
It is an insult to God to ask God’s blessing and protection on a herd of sheep who delight in all things evil while loving pissing in the face of God.

You America sheep, while you are milling around in a circle pissing in God’s face while loving trannies, pedophiles and a evil soul-less bunch who have sworn to destroy you, you might want to spread the wool from over your sheep’s asses, because God is long suffering, but when the time comes to destroy a stupid herd of evil sheep, God is very efficient.

The Ole Dog!

What the flock? Sheep walk around in a circle ‘for TWELVE DAYS without stopping



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