What the Sound of Freedom Conveniently Doesn’t Mention: CIA & ADRENOCHROME Labs

Yes, I’m looking for Finger Lakes stuff ever since I glimpsed it on Telegram about a year ago.

What the Sound of Freedom Conveniently Doesn’t Mention

Don’t FALL FOR THIS SCAM. The Sound of Freedom was a CABAL Created film from the Get go.

#1. No mention of CIA involvement all over the world in child TRAFFICKING.

#2. No mention of ADRENOCHROME LABS of the CIA.

#3. No mention of Prosecuting the CIA for Nuremberg level Crimes Against Humanity.


#5. No mention of all the Child Rape involved in Projects Monarch and MKULTRA.

#6. No mention of Mass Graves of Murdered Children & Psychiatric Patients/Prison Inmates, etc. all over the U.S. and Canada Thanks to the CIA and Canadian Intelligence Agencies.

#7. No mention of Children being used to Compromise Politicians for Benefit of the Dark Cabal Members.

#8. No mention of Children Being Tortured to DEATH in Monarch/MKULTRA CIA/British Intelligence Projects.

#9. No mention of the Ninth Circle Satanists Abusing Children like George Soros, (Hedge Fund Billionaire made by starving 3rd world people due to his currency warfare).

#10. No mention of pedophiles such as Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Ring. (Is anyone mentioning this besides me??)

Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Child Trafficking (& Disappearances) – Brutal Proof


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