When the Capitol Hill Surrounds itself with Barbed Wire Walls, you know Its a Dictatorship Hated by The People



Come on man, Joe Biden used to say during the debates with Trump but now seriously, come on man! He had the entire Capitol Hill perimeter surrounded with a huge wall with barbed wire, now where the hell did you ever see that? Not even North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is surrounded with barb wired walls.

What this means is that this is an evil parasitic entity which took over America and it knows that its being hated by the people and it knows that the people could lash out at any given point so therefore it took all the necessary steps to protect itself even though this is incredibly bad for optics.

Now what the Biden regime did, did… well its condemnable but they did it and its over or is it? Unfortunately no, the insanity does not end there, the American mainstream media went to that wall to film it and present it as something awesome and as a great achievement for America.

Here’s a report from the media, you won’t believe it:

Look at the enthusiasm with which he is presenting this magic wall of his. Now you know he’s been probably paid by the regime to PROMOTE this wall.

Just look at the presentation of the wall, they played some chill groovy song, the wall is soooo awesome, cool and fantastic! Total but licking! As you can see, the media in America works hand in hand with the elite political class. There is no objectiveness. They are not even acting like private media but like state-owned media. Probably the higher ups are getting checks from Washington to do what they do so… yeah they do it, why not? This is like a mafia, total corruption.

In the video presentation you can hear the reporter saying stuff like: “Nice sharp razor wires on it that would cut you right up if you would try to jump over, you’d be sliced and diced.” So he’s glorifying this lethal wall… disgusting.

Then he goes on saying: “Guys! This is like Donald Trump’s dream wall…” as if Trump wanted just a wall…. any wall, anywhere… just a wall… forget about the goal of the wall, to stop the invasion of America with illegal aliens. No he just wanted a wall, and now he got his dream wall.

This is state propaganda. The mainstream media is not free in America, the media which is free, the alternative media is being oppressed on Google, it is buried, you won’t even find it in search results anymore and its banned on Facebook, Twitter from posting their news stories…

There is no freedom in America. Its a total dictatorship, communist style. What more do you want? The entrance at the gate is protected by heavily armed men, there is a heavy military presence throughout all of Washington DC and that’s not all, they even fired all soldiers with Biden regime opposing views. Who does that? North Korea, except the wall around the leadership building.

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