Whirlpool Forums Marketing Scams

Whirlpool Forums Marketing Scams

Whirlpool Jewish forums

Whirlpool forums


What can I say about a bias corrupt forum with Zionist moderators that work on a buddy system with their clients and sponsors.

Whirlpool Forums (Jewpool Forums… more like it) have a terms of use policy that they pretend to abide by.

Merchants and their many forum aliases, spam their own products in Whirlpool forums.. Simon Wright allows his zionist buddies to do what they like.

Thanks to Whirlpool’s fraudulent policies, fraudulent sales tactics and reviews are always allowed… Simon Wright supports any Jew that tries to take money from a gentile.

Many Jewish Merchants, including the Whirpool admins, have many aliases that pretend to be customers and promote many products deceitfully.

I urge anyone that goes on Whirlpool Forums to take any replies and product reviews that users post, with a grain of salt.


Simon Wright has alot to answer, for the scams he runs…. he worked for NineMSN and calls himself a Web Tycoon, so that explains alot.

Seems like Simon Wright decided to change his Linkedin account name and occupation… when he saw this article about himself.


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10 Responses to “Whirlpool Forums Marketing Scams”

  1. dave says:

    Hi Chris,

    You’re not the only one who has been subject to Whirlpool Forums boys club. In fact, the more I read about Whirlpool Forums the more obvious their dodgy and anti competitive behavior is becoming. What I find ironic is that most people are under the impression that Whirlpool Forums is a “public discussion forum”. Whereas In fact, moderators use Whirlpool to promote their own thoughts/beliefs by so heavily regulating content that the original message is lost in translation. Most people don’t realize that whirlpool forums is actually a business and receives sponsorship and funding from a number of large companies throughout Australia. In fact, if at any time you make a post that happens to conflict with the agenda of any of the supporting businesses, you betchya, the post is hidden quicker than you can say, “don’t throw me in the penalty box.”
    This problem seems to be growing by the day and I believe that Whirlpool Forums has become a vehicle of viral marketing and a tool to trash competitors of those businesses who sponsor Whirlpool as opposed to a genuine user forum. In fact, if you’re a business that is under attack by Whirlpool Forums there is really very few options available to you to protect your on-line identity.
    I had always thought that moderators who run Whirlpool and other forums would be interested in the truth. However, I quickly realized that the truth is not something that Whirlpool Forums is interested in and so I became intent on researching the forum as much as possible. I became concerned about the possible corruption of the Forum after our business provided moderators with evidence that proved claims posted by a competitor were in fact untrue. The response – if you don’t like it, sue us. Now you can imagine what would happen if a business did that. It would become a PR nightmare with blogs bouncing around the world – business sues Whirlpool etc etc. Just google 2clix and see what happened.
    During my research, I’ve discovered many businesses and users who have been burnt by Whirlpool Forums. In fact, over the course of the last several months, I’ve been in touch with several organisations and people who have all informed me about many of the dodgy practices that Whirlpool forums engages in. In fact, it dosn’t really take too much work to research it. I’ve spoken with several organisations that have had problems with Whirlpool Forums at one time or another. Warcom for example tells me that he is contacted almost “daily” from people who have been burnt by Whirlpool forums.
    Users of various OS based solutions including Jumba have expressed frustrations at having their recommendations blocked because they just so happen to work professionally with the solution they are recommending.
    Claims of “alias” users are not unique to you. It’s something that many people have complained about and frankly in my experience, I believe that most of the “new posts” are in fact placed there by moderators.
    Of course, then there are the large number of private users who are not in the public eye who have had a really bad experience by over-zelous moderators. In fact, google “I hate whirlpool forums” and you’ll be surprised with the results.
    I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking to and meeting two ex moderators of Whirlpool forums. Both of them tell me that a large majority of the posts are actually written by moderators but didn’t want their names to be made available because they “fear” the ramifications.
    At first I was rather annoyed with Whirlpool Forums because of the intentionally corrupt nature of the way that they do business. However, after investigating it further my belief is now that the real issue is Google. If Google did not give whirlpool such a high rating then Whirlpool would probably die. After all, Whirlpool has an amazing Page Rank (an indicator that is used to determine the importance of it as a website). But why does Whirlpool get such a good pagerank?

    Well for several reasons.

    1. It is a backlink farm with many, many false servers pointing back to archives. Almost 500 false links from last count. Most web sites get thrown in the sand box (a term for punishing a web site for cheating).

    2. Archived posts receive a high ranking in google because google adwords is used on the site. Which means, google has a financial interest in sending traffic to Whirlpool Forums and naturally gives it a higher ranking.

    3. Whirlpool has managed to secure a nice link farm from wiki (Possibly the single highest ranking web domain. By having links point back to your web site you increase your PR). What’s very interesting about this however is that whirlpool forums claim that it is a “Community Forum”. A friend and I logged onto Wiki and placed the corporate information relating to it’s ABN and other trading details on to highlight the fact that it is actually a business. It was changed back 10 minutes later. We later found out after meeting a moderator that the moderator that we were dealing with at Wiki is also a moderator at Whirlpool.

    The fact that Whirlpool Forums moderate so heavily means that in part, the content that appears is Whirlpool’s content. It no longer becomes a true message of users but becomes a filtered message who’s true intent can be misunderstood if it happens to fail to satisfy the Whirlpool Moderators. This can give a totally incorrect and misleading appreciation to users reading any such thread.
    So what do you do about an issue like this? Well firstly, I believe that Whirlpool Forums are and should be subjected to the same laws that any media company would be subjected to. Making them accountable to the general public and ensuring that such corruption is not tolerated.
    What’s ironic is that Whirlpool Forums use to be a genuine forum for users to discuss various problems and ideas. However, over the course of the years, like all things, it’s become rotten, mutated and corrupt.
    As for Whirlpool Forums, well, if you read this and believe these claims to be untrue, then do us all a favor and disclose who your sponsors are. Show us who made payments to Whirlpool forums to keep you operating. After all, you cant be living on google adds alone?

  2. andrew says:


    If Whirlpool Forums were really about free speech, then Moderators would not delete and label replies to posts as trolling or inappropriate.

    Whirlpool Forums have their own motives behind what they do… it is so obvious to all of us that Whirlpool Forums do not represent free speech or anything close to that.

    Only Whirlpool owners & staff etc. would argue anything different

  3. andrew says:

    If Whirlpool Forums were really about free speech, then Moderators would not delete and label replies to posts as trolling or inappropriate.

    Whirlpool Forums have their own motives behind what they do… it is so obvious to all of us that Whirlpool Forums do not represent free speech or anything close to that.

    Only Whirlpool owners & staff etc. would argue anything different

    Remember when Whirlpool Forums didn’t like a certain software company named 2clix back in 2007.

    Just google 2clix if your interested.

    • sun.szu says:


      With all due respect, it may be obvious to you, and it may be obvious to many others who in the land of the blind have one eye open, but the truth is for many users, Whirlpool Forums – Know your ISP is a credible and honest site. People buy into the web of lies that Whirlpool Forums like to spin. Of course we know that the truth is that they are duplicitous liars who can’t lay straight at night time, but for others who have been attacked by their crooked business, with strategic posts written to flag high on google hits, it means lost business, a damaged reputation or, as in the case of 2clix, the end of a business as we know it. Of course, you only need to read the forum of 2clix at Whirlpool Forums and you’ll be pretty confident that the claims Whirlpool make are in fact true. However, if you talk to some of the old management team they still swear black and blue that they were screwed by Whirlpool.

      I believe that for Whirlpool Forums this was a turning point. It taught them that they were untouchable and then the rot and deceit kicked in like the rot of an old tree.

      The problem is that as a business owner, individual or product, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place if you come under fire from Whirlpool Forums,aka, Simon Wright. If you ask nicely, you’re ignored. If you threaten, you’re insulted, if you provide proof, you’re encourage to sue. If you sue, you’re dead.

      I believe that the Australian government needs to regulate forums like whirlpool. Especially when they have a pseudo news arm. For this reason alone Whirlpool Forums and Simon Wright should be held accountable under the broadcasting ACT. Perhaps that would help ensure that the dishonest behaviour that they’ve been getting away with is held accountable to someone. Because right now, Whirlpool Forums is responsible to NO ONE. 😡

  4. ih8whirlpool says:

    Hi Chris,

    I thought I’d put in my two cents as I’ve had a lot of experience with Whirlpool Forums and the information I am about to tell you only strengthens what people above here are saying.

    I use to work for an ISP in Melbourne called Ains Internet. We had many sub-brans including supernerd and a couple of others. We actually had about 40 alias accounts and use to get on all the time promoting our products pretending to be users by using dynamic IP’s. But understand that we didn’t do it on purpose to trick users or lie to them, but rather, we were left with little or no choice because there was no other way to balance out the negative reviews that our competitors were placing on Whirlpool Forums.

    Initially there were a couple of very negative posts about our Supernerd product and we ignored it. However, very quickly it gained a major position on whirlpool and whenever you searched for the business name up came some negative posts.

    The posts were totally malicious and intended only to encourage people NOT to sign up with our product (which at the time was the most competitive on the market). Our director at the time actually met with Simon Wright and Simon suggested logging on and writing positive threads. This is where the problem started. We found that it became a battle between maintaining positive reviews of our products and playing down the service/product of our competitors.

    I’ve got now doubt at all that the moderators at Whirlpool forum knew we were doing this but activity is good for the Whirlpool Forums and was encouraged by the moderators.

    I’m glad that you put this out in the open because because it’s something that I feel very badly about having done and want others to know also that Whirlpool Forums is in fact full of Psuedo aliases on their for the sole purpose of marketing with many of the company representatives working with the moderators to continue this entire trend.

    If you’re a user of Whirlpool forums then you probably know that most of the stuff you read there is BS. If your one of the representatives from a business there do what Warcom did. Dump Whirlpool and manage your own clients without the noise and distraction of your competitors constantly trashing your business.

    At the end of the day, based on the way that Whirlpool forums operates, you loose, the client looses in fact everyone looses except Simon Wright and Whirlpool forums themselves.

    • Chris Roubis says:

      Wow, what can I say after reading that.

      Thanks for the honest feedback ih8, this also confirms everyone’s negative comments about Whirlpool Forums.

      Whirlpool Forums really are a bunch of Frauds.

  5. lordzeus says:

    OMG I just looked at Simon Wrights linkedin profile. He calls himself a Web tycoon. 😯
    How sad….

  6. Steve says:

    I spent about an hour on the whirlpool forum yesterday, I made four posts and got shot down for every one, Granted my first post was in violation of the rules which I had not read but the rest?? So after thinking this place is a bit of a joke I googled them and ended up here and from what I have read so far I am not alone.


  7. Bobby says:

    True, posts on WP have been prettified to suit their “Sponsor’s” need!

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