White Ex-NYPD Sergeant Beaten in Broad Daylight by Blacks



Surveillance cameras captured the moment a former New York City police sergeant was beaten in broad daylight by a couple of thugs.

The footage from last Tuesday begins as one of the thugs, identified by police as 20-year-old Masterjadin Roman, throws an object at the retired officer near a deli in Manhattan.

After charging at the thug who assaulted him, the officer hits his head as he’s hurled onto the pavement, before Roman begins throwing several punches targeting his face.

More on the daytime attack from the New York Post:

Eventually Roman relents. He and his pal appear to swipe the former cop’s cellphone and headphones — only for Roman to return to kick the former sergeant in the head as he kneels on the ground trying to regain his composure.

It was not immediately clear what sparked the violence.

Roman was reportedly cited with aggressive panhandling, the Post reports.

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Whites have this bizarre thing known as “altruism” and “pity” while the vast majority of blacks do not have such emotions.

Had a black been attacked like that by a white man in front of other whites, we guarantee you 100% that at the very least 1 white would have jumped in to stop the attack and protect the black from further punches.

What does this tell you? This tells a very clear story actually, that the blacks are unified in racial solidarity against anyone who is not part of their group, especially whites while whites are divided and suicidal in nature.

There is no white solidarity anymore and this is extremely dangerous. Make no mistake about it, the white guy who came to help the former cop, didn’t come because he was white, he would have jumped in for a black as well.

Never relax around blacks… the good old saying still holds truth and it will always will. Doesn’t matter the current year. You can’t use “MUH CURRENT YEAR” in this case. You can’t say but its 2020!!! Yeah  whatever, 2020, 2050, 2200, blacks will always be blacks!


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