Whites Fleeing Western Europe

An immigrant exodus quietly picking up speed underscores a shift in European demographics. The reverse of the current non-European invasion of Western Europe, the two phenomena are related. Many are familiar with the concept of White flight. Entire cities in South Africa, the U.S and Britain morphed into poverty-riddled non-White ghettoes. This occurred when indigenous residents voted with their feet for ethnic survival.

london mayorlondon mayor
Whites are a minority in the British capital, which is now governed by a Muslim mayor

Some countries in the collapsing European Union are now flooded by non-Europeans. As a consequence ethnic British, French and Germans are looking not to their city’s suburbs but to European nations still showing resistance to the non-European infestation

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and family

Such a trend is nothing new. Previous British and German generations opted for their country’s coastal resorts on reaching retirement. However, from the 1960s, the genteel esplanades of German, English and Welsh resorts grew quiet. The spa towns lost out to Mediterranean France, Spain and Portugal. These sun-kissed locations, accessed by visa free cheap air travel, simply ticked more boxes.

By the late 1990s former Soviet Bloc countries, like Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria began to show interest in holiday home investment. Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, even Albania muscled in on the growing market. When visiting any Homes Abroad exhibition one expected to find vendors offering attractively priced properties set in idyllic surroundings around Eastern Europe.

Romania and Bulgaria had the edge because of their excellent climate and unspoiled Black Sea coastlines. Lacking access to the sea cosmopolitan Hungary retaliated with spacious semi-classical city apartments and rural homes selling at a fraction of the price they would attract in multi-racial crime-ridden London.

Panorama of Riga, Latvia

Now, with the onset of the non-alien influx into Europe the buyers’ client profile has subtly changed. Earlier buyers had largely been investment-led second home purchasers.

Today, Western Europeans are looking for permanency in countries more resistant to the swarm of non-Europeans now swamping Britain, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Germany. A big help is the onset of the internet. This allows internet-connected and related businesses to be effectively managed from anywhere in the world.

Latvian women proud of their country and heritage

Many Western Europeans are also waking up to the lifestyle advantages of living in the Baltic States. Whilst the climate tends towards continental and long winters can be expected the more European and cultured lifestyle more than compensates. However, the main attraction could be to live in a country that is unlikely to be overwhelmed by the ruinous immigration failings of the political elite in France, Germany and Britain.

From 2000 to 2006 Mike Walsh was Managing and Marketing Director of Southern Comfit International. The Liverpool-based real estate company specialised in European property sales.

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