Who’s really destroying the Republican Party?

Jack Hunter
The Daily Caller
August 16, 2011

I first became a conservative by listening to Rush Limbaugh as a teenager, a habit I picked up from my mother. Those were exciting times, and I remember Limbaugh, the fiery outsider, supporting renegade Republican Pat Buchanan and his presidential challenge to incumbent George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Four years later, I supported Buchanan’s 1996 presidential campaign, which Rush would have no part of, and as the years went by I would continue to support conservatives who challenged the status quo — while my one-time radio hero seemed to become more comfortable with it. For the next decade I spent my time looking for the next Buchanan, while Rush would reflexively defend George W. Bush and constantly praise Donald Rumsfeld. He even broke his no-interviews rule for an hour-long interview with Karl Rove.

In 2007, I found my new Buchanan: Ron Paul. After the GOP presidential debate in Iowa last week, Limbaugh said the following about Paul on his program: “I’m sorry, but this Ron Paul is going to destroy this party … this is nuts on parade …” Limbaugh criticized Paul’s foreign policy and particularly the Texas congressman’s hands-off position towards Iran. But Limbaugh did not criticize the positions taken by the other candidates — many of whom strongly implied that war with Iran would be necessary to prevent its regime from promoting terrorism or producing weapons of mass destruction.

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48 Responses to “Who’s really destroying the Republican Party?”

  1. I had fun today. I added Michael Medved on Facebook. You can actually post stuff to his wall. So I posted the Jon Stewart clip and made some obnoxious comments supporting Ron Paul. It’s a way to take our message to their listeners. I’ve noticed they are being hit with a lot of Paulites. Please do the same.

  2. Rush is sliding down a long slippery slope toward the big pit of putrid refuse called human waist. The good news….not many people are taking him as seriously as they once did.

  3. Rush in the 90s was at times both insightful and funny. Today he is nothing more than a self promoting lap dog for the Republican party. But remember his whole family owes their fortune to the status quo Republican party.

    Hannity, is by far the most outrageous and non truthful person on the airways today. He is either seriously in need of psych help, or a paid shill of the worst kind. He spews nothing but hatred, closed mindedness and reminds one of what the beginnings of the Nazi party take over in Germany must have been like.

  4. Rush , Hannity , Beck , and even Levin are the MSM’s ” Right talkers ” . It’s all a ruse folks ! Open your eyes .

  5. Limbaugh is a Commie Globalist…he still thinks Free Trade with Communist China is a CONSERVATIVE Idea. No, Rush, it is Communist to support Comunism,

    Rush is the Palm Beach Commie. Of all the places to move to Florida…he moves to one of the most liberal parts of the state

  6. Lamebaugh sure kept the wool over the sheeple’s eyes for some time now.

    Glad some have woken to the BS…..
    Now if the rest would awaken!


  7. I listened to Rush during the Clinton years, when he had a sense of humor. But when Bush Jr was selected, he couldn’t contain his adoration of the establishment – once he was part of it himself! Limbaugh is one of the most evil men to have lived in this country – he’s done so much damage carrying water for these hideous corporatist traitors and dividing the people up among the false left/right paradigm. I’m sure Rush has his own circle of hell – he’d need a separate one just to fit in.

  8. I agree completely. I used to be a “dittohead”. During the Clinton years Rush was awesomely funny. Then Bush came along, and he blew a few blood vessels trying to come to grips with a non-conservative neocon republican.

    The republican party deserves to be destroyed, especially after they passed the highway bill, which included more than 6300 pork projects (including the Alaska “bridge to nowhere”). At that time, they controlled both houses of congress and the presidency. They controlled Washington, and what did they do with that? They became liberal democrats, and went on a spending spree that continues to this day!

    They are just as disgusting as democrats!!!

    • I agree. Remember when Rush was cutting edge and did such things as the ‘Caller Abortion’, a thing he is such a party hack today that he didn’t even mention it during his anniversary show? To a caller he didn’t like he played a tape of a sound of a vacuum cleaner overdubbed with the sound of screams and the caller would be hung up on.

  9. Since Mr Hunter mentioned Pat Buchanon, he was used to knock out Congressman and the second JBS President Larry McDonald in 1983. It’s on U-Tube. McDonald was dead on, especially since it was recorded in 1983. He was murdered on KAL 007. Look it up! Watch those airplane rides, their killers. LOL!

  10. The Republican Party died along time ago; years, decades ago. What killed the Republican Party was millions and millions of Americans voting for the turds that the Republican Party ran as candidates rather than to get involved, at least locally, and to run for office themselves.

    Also, people stopped thinking objectively or critically (I blame faith, and churches, for part of this.) and they fell for and got sucked into the phony liberal/conservative-left/right paradigm which is nothing more than a dichotomy.

    Perhaps it is because, in their laziness, so called “Republicans” became mesmerized by the scan rate of the cathode ray tube in their television set and they were lulled by its faint blue-gray hue.

    Real Americans, all REAL Americans, have NO PARTY affiliation. Those that registered Republican just so they could vote for Ron Paul in the primaries then STUPIDLY voted straight Republican tickets just because Ron Paul is a Republican elected nothing but monkeys. And they wonder what went wrong.

  11. Some sorry ass mouthpiece …

    P.S. Screw this political / lawyer giberish …

  12. “Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.” — Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II

  13. The only difference between Rush Limbaugh and a fat pig, is the apple.

    • How dare you insult the porcine race in such a bastardly way ?!?

      P.S. Have you lost any sense of decency ?!?

    • I wonder who’d win a fight over the apple, the pig or Limbaugh? Probably Limbaugh if it was stuffed with pills.

  14. Rush is the biggest hipocrate literaly! fat fuck said drug users are criminals and should be locked up when he was abusing Oxycontin AKA Hillbilly Heroin, received about 2000 painkillers, prescribed by four doctors in six months. AND still on the air. now anybody who has tried or witnessed anyone on this drug knows he had to have a serious coke habit just to function in any capacity. Fuck Rush Limbaugh and his “aching back” LMFAO this guys a joke and should be tarred and featherd.

  15. “nuts on parade” says the nutjob…

  16. I am also a conservative, used to listen to Rush, thought I was a Republican. Then, I found out I was a Libertarian and my eyes are now open. Not only do I see the liberal bias in MSNBC, but I see the Neo-Con bias in Fox!! I cancelled my cable a year ago and it was the BEST decision I have made in a long time. Drudge/Infowars/Godlikeproductions in that order.

    • I turned off my cable a year ago also. No television at all. Don’t miss it, and save over $70 per month. I have Netflix and watch mainly films based on true stories or history. I don’t go to movies, which are mainly garbage for the mind. What we watch, read and listen to will affect our critical thinking skills. Spread the word to turn off the brainwashing cable and television medium.

      • i had a teacher in high school that said he doesnt own a tv and his kids arent allowed to watch at friends houses either.l.i thought he was a commie bastard…it blew my mind.. now..i see he was right.. i could live without geraldo..and the filth that comes from that evil square.. i see a show occasionally.. and i think..wow this is crap..garbage for the junk bin of mindless masses.. the internet can be worse..but it also allows those of us with a mind to investigate and learn and interact with each other..rush is disgusting mindless filth..yet i know lots of idiots that worship his words

      • VUZE!

  17. Rush Limbaugh is a danger to humanity. It’s amazing the strong hold he has on stupid people. He actually tells his listeners what to think! A few days ago Alex Jones used a phrase that Limbaugh coined.
    “The Chicoms” I really was in dismay to hear this. Rush is the parodical puke. I hope on the day of judgement I can stand by and watch his. They say your judged by every word that comes out of your mouth! MCB

    • the fat lady has a legion of fans. soon they possess the swine and go over the cliff.

      • WTF? This lady is not fat, Im lean and beautiful! Remember Christ commanded the spirit into the swine and then the went over the cliff! MCB

        • Limbaugh is The Fat Lady in my little allegory. sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • Chi-Coms was coined by the establishment in the 1950s. He just uses that to reinforce the idea that we are dealing with the same party that killed between 60 to 100 million of their own people since 1946.

      The Commies are more cronny corporat Facist like we are evolving into.

      Limbaugh is good to listen to to understand the “dance” between Demos and RePugs. He even comes VERY close to saay they are both crooks playing us good cop/bad cop game. If you’re in the car listen to him if nothin else is on.

      But he is not going to jepardice his 400 million contract!

  18. Bush Limbama Sean Insanity, Mark the piss ant Levin, and ALL the rest are filthy war pigs.

    WE WILL have Ron Paul and those phony neocon corporate conservatives better just get their FAT ASSES out of our way, OR THEIR GONNA GET STEAMROLLED!

  19. Rush Limbaugh is a political Hemorrhoid. His entire act is flaring up and creating a Right-Left political distraction. He has continually denied the CFR / Bliderberg elitist control of our government. He is NOT a great American. He is a sell-out to the rich who’s ass he continually kisses. I noticed this about him years ago. It is now confirmed.

    I am glad that people are are finally getting some RELIEF from his constant agitation.

  20. Limbaugh became part of the lamestream media years ago. He is no different from Bill O’Reilly and the Foxnews sheeple who fight for the status quo while pretending to support freedom and liberty.

    • I dumped that blowhard Limpblah many years ago!!

  21. I’m not surprized that Rush is doing what he’s doing.After all,they’re paying him 20 million a year to do it.


    • What do you suppose he may be doing simultaneously while on his knees?



      End Big Brother and minions of the like of limberger, that’s real smelly

  23. GOD the author of this story is a ‘sad sack’. He basically says he was a fool for a couple of decades….’Rush Limbaugh my Hero’…my a person God, a person didn’t have to be very educated at all to see right through Rush decades ago.

    One of the first times I heard him, he talked about how the poor people were destroying America and how poor people didn’t need help at all, cause they could all go and pick up soda cans and beer cans and make a couple thousand dollars a month from doing so…

    You would have to be a damn fool to have listen and defended a fat, drug addict, hypocrite like Rush

  24. Limbaugh claims to be a Reagan conservative. I think if Reagan were running today Rush would try to discredit him. I loved Limbaugh in his early years, but he sold out long ago.

  25. This guy is bad news.. He’s a gate keeper against freedom.. He has a huge audience that believes his message – that the republicans will save them……. NOPE …… Were gonna have
    to save are selves.. The DC criminals are 100% terrorists.. So is the controlled media.. Just
    look at the latest scam, FAST and FURRIOUS.. The only thing that happened was the patriot got fired.. But nothing happened to the terrorists, they’re just getting ready for the next false flag
    attack against freedom.

  26. Rush Limbaugh is the Spinal Tap of the talk media. Degenerate, outdated and bloated.

  27. Not sure why Ron Paul is one.BOTH BIG PARTIES ruined it all.

  28. who fucking cares about any politicial party. destroy them all.

    • End the republocrat monopoly on power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What about the Copperheads?

  29. The Rush Limbaugh audience of “angry white men” is America’s original FLASH MOB.

    • What’s wrong with angry white men? The founding fathers were angry white men – Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin. The fascists love a docile population that is willing to compromise away their freedom.

      • agreed, however Hamilton is not, he was a Federalist, wanted a central bank as well as an emperor of the US, rich guy who was not for the common man. Hamilton was definitely UNCOOL as opposed to the others who were patriots.

        Don’t forget James Madison, father of the Constitution and George Mason, author of Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments to Constitution.)

        Citizens of Orange County, Virginia insisted on a Bill of Rights before allowing Virginia to sign on to the Constitution. (It’s in the UNADULTERATED history of the process that led up to the adoption of the Constitution.)


  30. Destroy the republican party? The republicans themselves have done that. They abandoned small government conservatism and the constitution (thanks to the likes of McCain and the Bush’s).

    Now Americans have the choice between weak-kneed, yellow, jelly-spined republicans who bow down to the globalists, and…

    …pinko-pervert, hypocritical, rich-snob, marxist democrats who would love nothing more than to depopulate the planet and become the NWO.

  31. Who really gives a flyin f**k up a running squirrels ass what that fat bitch,pill poppin Rush Limbaugh has to say about ANYTHING!? Im sure if he could, he would be giving obama a mustache ride daily! I wish garbage like him would just O.D and die..more air for us yaaayyy!!!

    • I listened to Rush driving to work in the mornings a few times, its funny, he does not really cover much at all… just maybe one small thing in the news and he just repeats it and has a million commercials for 3 hours. I cant really stand all the talk anymore, the only people who don’t know what’s really going on don’t want to know, maybe Alex will reach the stragglers.
      Keep spreading the Truth. Peace! Ron Paul 2012!

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