WHO Intelligence [5 Eyes] Work For? ZIONIST Rothschilds & British Empire/Black Nobility

By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 15th January 2020

“The Central Intelligence Agency along with the MOSSAD were both created by the British Security Coordination under Sir William Stephenson.  Sir William Stephenson is the true identity of the movie character James Bond.  The number assigned to James Bond is 007 and that comes from the SI-igning (SI-mulation of life) by Enochian magick head Sir John Dee a Venetian-led puppet.  British Intelligence is a continuum of the Venetian Consejo de i Diexe.  Today the British Intelligence is subordinate to it’s creation the Central Intelligence Agency.  The British Secret Intelligence Service is a subordinate to the Central Intelligence Agency.  The British Security Service is a subordinate to the National Security Agency.  The British intelligence services are ultimately subordinate to Royal Mail whilst the CIA/NSA serve the U.S Postal Service.  This command doesn’t mean that the U.S. Postal Service or Royal Mail know all the secrets and have clearances because they don’t but they keep their control over such an intelligent power by compartmentalisation and this is how you can control what should be a more powerful group.

There’s no point arguing over who’re the most powerful agencies because they all serve the postal union through its member Post Offices.   The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations serves the Israeli Postal Company.  The Universal Postal Union power is tremendous through commerce and this union is mastered by Lurianic Kabbalahists.  The Rothschild family are almost openly known to control eighty-percent of Israel but in truth they’ve owned it since the 24th of December 1949.  The Rothschild family are the power over the postal union power and this is why I expose that Rothschild already owns Iran and this has been the case since the 1st of September 1877.

When it comes to the assassination of John F. Kennedy the metabridge operation was masterminded by the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations above all others; the Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage, Organisation Armée Secrète and the Secret Intelligence Service.  The Central Intelligence Agency and the mafiosi were minor players in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and this is why you’re allowed to watch diversion movies like JFK by Oliver Stone.  In order to find the truth then you have to look for the data which is censored and banned.  The boss organisation over the slaughter of John F. Kennedy wasn’t directly British, French, Israeli or American but they were Swiss based in Berne, Switzerland called the Universal Postal Union.  The heads of the operation were the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations.  The IISO’s Efraim Halevy controlled the Counterintelligence Mission Center’s James Jesus Angleton.

The 9/11 ‘The Time Is Now, The Match is Hot’ metabridge operation was tied to Efraim Halevy who at the time was the Director of the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations working for the U.S Postal Service and the Israeli Postal Company.  The 9/11 operation was initiated from an IISO outpost in Qatar and the World Trade Center was taken down using a controlled demolition (ordered by the Port Authority serving the Dept of Transport serving the U.S Postal Service) originally set in place by demolition experts of the Special Forces made up of one-hundred-eighty-six personnel tied to the U.S Department of Defense.  I hope this gives further detail into the power structure.

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