WHO’s plans to become global health dictator move forward while we’re distracted with “lab leaks” and “lockdown files”


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As World Health Organisation (“WHO”) dictators gathered to strategise on how to remove nations’ sovereignty by hijacking “public health,” US Senators pushed back with an effort to reinforce congressional power to authorise treaties and a UK Member of Parliament requested an urgent debate on the proposed “treaty.”

Proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”) would give WHO new far-reaching powers to counter “misinformation and disinformation,” introduce global vaccine passports, increase WHO’s surveillance capabilities and enable WHO’s Director General to declare an international public health emergency at any time – which monkeypox and now potentially bird flu are examples.

This is all happening at a time when, conveniently, corporate media is awash with revelations of the “lab leak” origins of SARS-CoV-2 and ‘The Lockdown Files’. Is it coincidence? Or are they distracting us so there’s less resistance? Or are they hoping the world’s population will beg for WHO to take over because our governments have failed us?

Who are they? Only 13% of WHO’s budget comes from member states. The other 87% comes from mostly private institutions and individuals.

The following are some recent articles published on WHO’s power grab. Click on the section title to read the full article.  But first, some background as a reminder of what the dictators at WHO are doing and when.

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WHO is currently working on two agreements that will expand its powers and role in declared health emergencies and pandemics: amendments to the IHR and a new “treaty” that has similar intent to the IHR amendments. Both are following a path through WHO committees, public hearings and revision meetings, to be put to the World Health Assembly.

There are Two Separate Tracks, James Roguski, 27 February 2023

The proposed WHO CA+ or “Pandemic Treaty” is also referred to as the ‘Pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord’.  A Conceptual Zero Draft of the accord was discussed in December 2022, shared with member states on 1 February 2023, and considered by WHO member states and “relevant stakeholders” during a meeting from 27 February – 3 March 2023. A final draft will be submitted for consideration by the 77th World Health Assembly in 2024, with a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023.

In parallel with the pandemic accord negotiations, governments are also discussing amendments to the IHR.  At a meeting which took place from 20 – 24 February 2023, more than 300 proposed amendments to the IHR were considered. The proposed IHR amendments will also be presented to the World Health Assembly in 2024, and would together, with a future pandemic accord, provide “a comprehensive, complementary, and synergistic set of global health agreements.”

The entire WHO effort is based on the false assumption that pandemic preparedness would actually work.  But in fact, all it has done is create new pandemics. The pandemic preparedness concept is a dangerous money grab for a new biodefense industry.

The proposed new powers sought by WHO, and the pandemic preparedness industry being built around it, are not hidden. The only subterfuge is the farcical approach of media and politicians in many nations who seem to pretend that the proposals do not exist or, if they do, will not fundamentally change the nature of the relationship between people and centralised non-State powers.

Republican Senators Push Back Against Accord Giving WHO Power Over US Pandemic Response, 21 February 2023

As WHO member states gather in Switzerland in the last week of February to negotiate the final terms of an accord that would give centralised authority to the UN health agency over US policy in the event of a pandemic, Republican US senators are pushing back with an effort to reinforce congressional power to authorise treaties.

The draft accord, which would be “legally binding” on all 194 member nations, gives the agency the authority to declare pandemics and submits member countries to “the central role of the WHO as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work” in areas such as treatments, medical supply chains, surveillance, and “disinformation and false news” once a pandemic is declared.

Seventeen U.S. senators, led by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), introduced the “No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act” on 15 February, which states that the pandemic accord must be deemed a treaty, thus requiring the consent of a supermajority of the Senate, which is two-thirds, or 67 senators. The legislation comes as the WHO presented what it calls the “zero draft” of the accord, negotiated with the help of US Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, to all member nations on 27 February to agree on final terms by the spring of 2024.

Who Owns the World Health Organisation and Their Plan to Vaccinate and Digitally Track Every Human Being on the Planet? 24 February 2023

WHO is simply a puppet organisation that is funded by Globalist billionaires, so let’s put some faces to this organisation and reveal who is really behind this effort to vaccinate every single person on the planet, and then track everyone via digital IDs.

Only 13% of WHO’s budget comes from assessed contributions, which are set amounts paid by member-state governments, scaled by income and population, of which the United States is the largest donor.  The other 87% comes from mostly private institutions and individuals.

Bill Gates, along with the organisations he controls, is, by far, the LARGEST contributor to WHO. Gates – through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI and The Vaccine Alliance – is one of the major sources of funding for WHO. In fact, the amount of funds that flow through GAVI is so great, that it could be stated that the WHO is a branch of GAVI.

WHO Moves Forward With Plans To Target “Misinformation” And “Disinformation” Under International Law, 28 February 2023

The global unelected health agency, WHO, is marching forward with its plans to make amendments to the IHR which would give it new far-reaching powers to counter “misinformation and disinformation.”

The plans to amend the IHR were set in motion in January last year when the Biden administration quietly proposed sweeping changes to the IHR.

MP Widening Crack in The Dam, 1 March 2023

Andrew Bridgen, UK Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire, recently asked Parliament to debate the WHO’s pandemic treaty which, if signed, would mean they have the power over your human rights in any repeat of a global virus.

Bridgen said: “The World Health Organisation pandemic treaty is deeply concerning. It seeks to give the discredited WHO huge powers over this country and our people powers to call pandemics, enforce lockdowns and vaccination and decide when any pandemic is over.

“Can we have an urgent debate on that proposed treaty, which, if passed, will take accountability, democracy and sovereignty from our constituents and hand them over to unelected and discredited bureaucrats? That would be the antithesis of Brexit itself.”

World Health Organisation pushes for global vaccine passports, 1 March 2023

WHO laid out its plans for global vaccine passports in a series of proposed amendments to the IHR — a legally binding instrument that imposes various conditions on 196 countries when the WHO declares certain types of health emergencies.

As governments around the world wind down their vaccine passport programs, the unelected WHO is attempting to make this Covid-era surveillance tech permanent and global. The WHO laid out its plans for global vaccine passports in a series of proposed amendments to the IHR.

Half-truths, Limited Hangouts & Manipulation, 2 March 2023

Suddenly, after three long years, the truth is starting to surface…or is it?

In a few days we’ve had Woody Harrelson’s monologue about big pharma locking everyone up so that they could sell vaccines. And then the Department of Energy and FBI say they think Covid leaked from a lab. Next, in the UK, we are at the beginning of ‘The Lockdown Files’.  So, are we witnessing a number of limited hangouts? Firstly, the lab leak and now the lockdowns.

Conveniently, at the same time as these revelations are happening, WHO is preparing a world wide treaty giving them the power to not only declare a pandemic but dictate the policies which counties must follow, including on testing, quarantining, lockdowns and vaccination.

In the past, people might have thought that the WHO treaty is a step to far. But now, after reading how badly our politicians handled the situation, they might start to think that maybe an independent group of experts telling us what to do is the best way forward.

Under the International Health Regulations, the WHO Director-General just continued the $moneypox emergency. He can declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern anytime, 3 March 2023

This is a great example of how we will be subject to the whim of WHO Director-General under the IHRs if the proposed Accord or IHR amendments pass.

The IHR Emergency Committee on the multi-country outbreak of mpox held its fourth meeting on 09 February 2023. Having considered the views of committee members and advisors as well as other factors in line with the IHR, the WHO Director-General determined that this outbreak continues to constitute a public health emergency of international concern and issued revised temporary recommendations in relation to the outbreak.2022-23 Mpox (Monkeypox) Outbreak: Global Trends, World Health Organisation, 7 March 2023

Yet HERE is how serious moneypox (aka monkeypox) actually is, according to the moneypox team at WHO. Most of the cases were occurring in Latin America, with only 8 new cases reported outside the western hemisphere in the past week.


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